July 28, 2021

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Corona Virus.  The latest data from the Ministry of Health

Corona Virus. The latest data from the Ministry of Health

The cases concern the following counties: Mazowieckie 9, Dolnośląskie 8, Pomorskie 7, ódzkie 5, Opolskie 4, Śląskie 4, Kujawsko-Pomorskie 3, Małopolskie 3, Wielkopolskie 3, Lubelskie 2, Warmińsko 2-ódzkie.

In the Lubuskie, Podlaskie and Zachodniopomorskie regions, not a single case was recorded.

“2 of the infections are untitled data, which will be supplemented by health inspection. No one has died from COVID19, while one person has died due to coexisting COVID-19 with other diseases:

“The number of people infected with coronavirus 2,880,270 / 75,084 (all positive / including the deceased).

Due to ongoing corrections by laboratories in the EWP system, the global number of infections and deaths since the beginning of the pandemic may not be the sum of consecutive daily infections or deaths” – it has been reported.

The situation in hospitals

On Sunday, the Ministry of Health reported that there are 571 patients with COVID-19 in hospitals, 88 of whom are connected to ventilators.

The resort said 7,184 beds and 719 ventilators have been equipped for COVID-19 patients.

The ministry also said that 97,094 people are in quarantine. So far, 2,652,165 infected people have recovered.

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