September 21, 2021

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Coronavirus: Australia.  Variable delta and extreme shutdown caused panic

Coronavirus: Australia. Variable delta and extreme shutdown caused panic

“While we do not want to impose restrictions, unfortunately this is a situation we have to do,” New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian said.

– The delta variant turns out to be a particularly formidable enemy. Health Minister Brad Hazzard added that, no matter what preventive measures are taken, the virus appears to know how to counterattack.

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The authorities appealed to the state’s residents not to repurchase essential products. Despite this, frightened Australians went to the supermarkets. Social media circulated pictures of shopping carts filled with piles of toilet paper. Pasta, bread, rice and meat were other goods that disappeared from store shelves.

According to the regulations in force until July 9, residents of the quarantine zone are not allowed to travel outside its borders. You are allowed to leave the house for essential work, medical care, education, or shopping. There are also restrictions on public gatherings, and the wearing of masks will be mandatory in rooms.

Australia has so far coped well with the coronavirus pandemic by quickly closing borders and introducing strict social distancing rules. The country has so far reported just over 30,000 cases. infection and 910 deaths. This week, 80 new infections were identified in New South Wales.

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