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Cosmos. Mars: It may have been the conditions for life before Earth

Czy na Marsie istniało życie? (graf. ESA)

Danish planetary scientists believe that 4.5 billion years ago, Mars was covered by an ocean 300 meters to 1 kilometer thick. They also suggest that conditions that support life on the planet may have existed much earlier than they did on Earth. Mars is known as the Red Planet, but it may once have been blue because of the water that covered it, say experts at the University of Copenhagen.

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Most experts agree that water once existed on Mars, but they debate how much water was there. Danish experts say that 4.5 billion years ago there were so many of them that the entire planet was covered Ocean depth of at least 300 metres. Water was supposed to be accompanied by other compounds necessary for life.

– At that time, Mars was bombarded by asteroids filled with ice. This was during the first 100 million years of planetary evolution. Another interesting point of view is that asteroids often carry organic molecules important for the origin of life, the professor explains. Martin Pizarro, author of the paper published in Science Advances.

More water than there is on Earth?

While 300 meters is the minimum depth of the planetary ocean, according to scientists, the maximum depth can reach one kilometer. There is much less water on Earth.

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All this happened in the first 100 million years of existence Mars. After this period, something catastrophic happened to life on Earth. It is believed that a giant collision occurred between Earth and another object the size of Mars. This high-energy collision formed the Earth-Moon system And at the same time he removed all life from the Earth, – explains the professor. Bizarro.

This means that conditions that support life existed on Mars much earlier than they did on Earth.

Scientists have studied the history of Mars through a billion-year-old meteorite that once belonged to the crust of the Red Planet. The study was possible because there is no erasing tectonic activity on Mars.


“Tectonic plates on Earth have obliterated all evidence of what happened during the first 500 million years of our planet’s history. The plates are constantly moving, being destroyed and recreated in the interior of the planet. However, there are no plate tectonics on Mars, and its surface retains traces of even more ancient His history, as Prof. Bizarro explains.

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