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Could tablets get better thanks to Apple?

Could tablets get better thanks to Apple?

I’ve been in regular contact with Apple devices for quite some time. While the topic of smartphones remains flexible and I appreciate running both Android and apple devices, I have a rather difficult situation on the topic of desktop and laptop computers. The console is used for gaming, and the PC for work, unless our job is to test the performance of components and sub-assemblies, which I am happy to do sometimes in PPE. In terms of comfort in using the operating system, trackpad support, functions or gestures, in my opinion, macOS is far ahead of Microsoft’s proposals.

Using a MacBook Pro model for a certain period of time, I would occasionally go back to the PC in different configurations. There were devices with powerful parameters that launched the latest products with maximum detail in 4K. He now uses a large 17.3″ gaming laptop to work in various places in Warsaw, which I use at home in association with a stationary machine. This does not change the fact that he often needs something lighter, smaller and above all more comfortable. Therefore, whether an Ultrabook or a large tablet computer is useful. The latest 12.9 inch iPad Pro with a great MiniLED display meets all my needs.

Tablets? I thought it was a thing of the past

I used to use tablets of all kinds. I had a first generation iPad, then a second generation. I’ve used Android devices from different manufacturers, but haven’t been able to switch to this type of content consumption. For me, the tablet was an extended version of the smartphone, which I always had in my pocket, and despite the smaller screen, it performed practically the same functions for me. Why would I need something bigger with the same possibilities that I would also carry in a bag or backpack? I’ve also seen after the sales results that I’m not the only one with this perception of this segment of the hardware. Tablets regularly fell into oblivion, and sometimes, whether it was Apple with iPads or Microsoft with their surfaces, they somehow tried to save the situation.

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However, the problem was the size, the often uncomfortable keyboard, somewhat poor performance and the lack of support for “large” operating systems. What’s available on tablets is usually truncated in some way and hasn’t been of much help to me. I naturally preferred to use a wide range of ultrabooks. I’ve been loving the Macbook Air for a while, which seemed to meet all my requirements. This went on for several years, while the tablets were just an occasional curiosity for me. Up to the latest iPad Pro 12.9 inch comes with the revolutionary M1 processor.

This is no longer an ordinary tablet, but a real combination. It’s a little smaller than the only right, for me, 13-inch Macbooks. At the same time, it has an impressive and detachable keyboard, on which you can finally type comfortably. Even in the middle of the night. You can also connect a regular mouse via bluetooth, but if necessary, the trackpad also works. The M1 processor eats practically everything Intel has ever put into any breakfast tablet — including those in the Apple stable. Four built-in speakers can sound better than many laptops, 120Hz screen…well, that’s an absolute world championship. Sometimes I’m a graphic designer, I draw a lot, and I also need to write something by hand in business meetings, because I get it naturally. And this pen is simply as sexy, precise as a pen and above all, comfortable. Just look at what talented people can draw with its help.

The tablet is also much more convenient to use than a laptop, it runs faster and gives more freedom thanks to the touch screen, and if necessary, I can charge it very quickly from the USB-C connector. Moreover, the battery lasts for 9 hours of continuous movie playback, and while browsing the internet, you gain a few extra hours. What can I complain about? First of all, the price. The latest iPad Pro with an M1 processor costs the equivalent of a very good laptop, PLN 6000+ in a package with a 512GB disk for user data. In addition, there is a dedicated keyboard at sick prices, which we will buy for at least 1,600 PLN. If we still wanted a mouse and a hood, we could easily pass 8000 PLN. For a tablet! This is an amount that is difficult to rationalize. Justification of such expenses should be related to the fact that such a device will simply earn for itself.

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Can tablets fill any particular gap?

I thought this part of these devices is slowly moving towards kids who can no longer sit at the computer, but still get a tablet from their parents to play mobile games. This may be the case in some cases. Before me, the iPad Pro opened up entirely new possibilities. It has proven that a tablet can easily replace a laptop. He can help me with many things, sometimes he serves as a canvas for painting, but he is often a loyal and useful companion. If I have to write a concept for a text, plan a test schedule, prepare a communication strategy, or simply draw some sketches – I will do it all thanks to this device and the package includes a full set of necessary tools.

This is what makes tablets so special when someone has the right idea for them. The M1 processor offers a lot of freedom. You can comfortably design thousands of things, even using augmented reality. It might sound like a great Apple prize winner, but if someone from the competition took on the task of bringing to market such a convenient, thoughtful and refined device, I would be very happy to test it. This large iPad Pro also works when I want to show some material to my YouTube friends, or when someone sends me a new document for signature. This device has hundreds of different uses for professionals. This is why I appreciate the company’s subtlety and ingenuity in eating a cut apple so much. I’m curious to know what you think of tablets. Do you use it? Maybe you have similar experiences to mine? Share your opinion in the comments! Until next time!

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