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Covid certificate is sensitive data. Checking it out is against the law?

certyfikat covidowy i paszport

Vaccinated people can use the services of entrepreneurs without restrictions – they are not counted within the maximum limit for people who, according to the announcement, will be able to stay in a hotel or attend a concert. However, there is a big problem with this idea: information about vaccination is sensitive data that entrepreneurs are not allowed to verify.

full lock It no longer applies to people vaccination The government decided. As of June 26, 2021, people who have taken two doses will not be included in the limit for people who can use certain industry services.

For example, hotels will not be able to offer more than 75 percent of seats. The remaining 25 percent will be available to those who are vaccinated. Entrepreneurs alert it by checking covid certificate So sensitive medical data would break the law. The government does not consider this a problem.

Lockdown: Vaccination is exempt from the quota. Verify certificates against breaking the law?

Doubts about the shape of the holiday u . lock Adam Abramovich, Ombudsman for Small and Medium Enterprises, clearly expressed his opinion.

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He stated that the government should create an appropriate legal basis for entrepreneurs to enable them to verify information on vaccination, which, according to a Treasury spokesperson, is considered sensitive data. With Covid Certificate Verification, Entrepreneurs Can Break It right.

It also appears that the collection of medical information by entrepreneurs who do not provide health care services in violation of provisions regarding the protection of personal data, especially since medical information is sensitive data.

Adam Abramovich

Abramovich added if business men If you’re not sure they’re not breaking the law, government-imposed rules for excluding vaccinated people from a client’s lot may still be dead.

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Corona passports are approaching.  The app is available for download

COVID-19 vaccination point

Health Ministry spokesman Wojciech Androsewicz gave a different view on the matter, noting that the testimonies had already been verified even in time. Air travel.

This commitment to the person who wants to travel is already here. Now it will work in a similar way in the case of hotels, restaurants, concerts or any other event where the number of vaccinated guests does not count. (…) However, if the maximum number of guests in a particular place has already been reached (…), then this person has two options: either he resigns from staying in a hotel, or he submits a certificate of vaccination and is accepted into this hotel. There is no obligation, it is completely voluntary.

Wojciech Andrusiewicz

MZ spokesperson confirmed that both the same vaccinations The presentation of certificates is not mandatory and depends on the independent decision of a particular citizen.

However, the government is committed to encouraging the vaccination of the largest possible number of the population to achieve this herd immunity And protection from another possible wave of disease and a return to a severe lockdown.

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