October 19, 2021

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Cowzdrowiu - Nurses and midwives strike

Cowzdrowiu – Nurses and midwives strike

A two-hour warning strike for nurses and midwives was announced on Monday, June 7. It was supported by almost all professional self-governments for the remaining medical professions. What can patients expect? What decisions should be expected after the strike?

Let us remember that the warning strike was announced by the National Union of Nurses and Midwives after it had not reached an agreement with the Ministry of Health and others. on wages. The House of Representatives passed the law on minimum salaries in the health care system without amendments from the opposition and those assumed by the social aspect. On June 10, the Senate is scheduled to deal with the bill. The Senate is likely to improve the law. On June 15, the House of Representatives will deal with it again and possibly deliver the amendments. In the background, as part of the Social Dialogue Council, there is already a discussion about how to amend the law before July 1, 2022, because from that date the Ministry of Health has announced further increases. The social side is already reporting its demands.

What is a warning form for nurses and midwives?

It will be a little different in each region. It all depends on the arrangements of individual union cells in a particular area. It is known that in some hospitals, nurses and midwives leave patients’ beds for two hours. Sit-ins are also expected in front of the county offices. – In Mazovia, in many entities, nurses will leave patients for two hours under the care of department nurses, doctors and other staff of the respective departments. I think the patients will be fine. If there are cases that require urgent intervention, the nurses will protect the patient. But these will only be urgent activities – OZZPiP Vice President Longina Kaczmarska told us. There will also be sit-ins at county offices. – In Mazovia, a large number of nurses and midwives will come to the district office, where a picket will be organized. I expect about 400 people – Kaczmarska estimates and adds that similar sit-ins will also take place in front of individual hospitals. At Mazovia, these activities will be carried out from 10.00-12.00. – Here, each region independently determined these hours – said the vice president.

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Will nurses and midwives have problems with the police?

From Monday, due to pandemic restrictions, a maximum of 150 people will be able to participate in the public outdoor gathering. About 400 people plan to take part in the sit-in in Mazovia. Could this mean problems with the police? – We are ready for up to 50 people, that is, for the regulations that still apply. Each group of 50 people applied to the appropriate offices for a permit. I hope the whole of society will follow the rules as nurses and midwives do. Please see what Thursday’s processions looked like. These were gatherings of thousands without masks and very close. Somehow, no one interfered there and I hope that is the case in our case.

What after the protest?

Kachmarska does not believe that amendments to the bill that will be introduced by senators will stand a chance in the House. – I’m aware of that. Then the government bears full responsibility for the health and life of the community. Unfortunately, there will be no nurses. A large crowd of them will unfortunately go away. About 150,000 is already gaining retirement rights. It will be the absolute responsibility of this government. Nobody more. I would add that only a third of graduates hold positions in the profession. There will be no nursing and obstetric staff – sums it up.

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