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Crazy end of 110 metres. He will fly like Superman and win [WIDEO] Athletics

Crazy end of 110 metres.  He will fly like Superman and win [WIDEO] Athletics

The 110-meter skirmish is a very complex system in which the opponent’s speed is as important as the technical component of jumping over the duels. The moment after the defeat of the last match is especially important, when in the last few meters you have to do everything possible to reach the finish line first. Some people use “superpowers” for this.

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He will win the 110-meter race over the “Superman” bowl. This wasn’t the first time I tried it

A few days ago during the tournament Portugal in Athletics There was a situation in which the recording was circulated very quickly via the Internet. Joao Vitor de Oliveira, the 30-year-old Portuguese naturalized Brazilian, knows that his main opponent Abd Larinaga has an advantage over him in the last few metres.

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So de Oliveira decided to literally “fly” to the finish line. Before the line marking the end of the race, he decides to jump like Superman and thus try to get a better result than his opponent. I did his plan – it’s over Being With a time of 13.83, while Larrinaga was 0.03 seconds slower.

This is not the first time that Joao Vitor de Oliveira has decided to take a similar maneuver during 110 meters pass through Potki. The finish line was also introduced during the previous two editions of the National Athletics Championships. Despite the clever way to win the Portuguese championship, the athlete was far from improving his 110m life record through matches. In 2015, during World Championship In Beijing he reached a result of 13.45, which, however, gave him only eighteenth place.

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De Oliveira has won three times in the 110m across the Games. In 2011 he won the South American Junior Championships in Medellin (Colombia) with a score of 13.85, in 2012 he will win with a score of 14.14 during the South American U-23 Championships in Sao Paulo, and in 2015 with a score of 13.96 he will win. Race win at the South American Championship in Lima (Peru).

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