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Crazy Rich Kris Jenner forgot she had an apartment in Beverly Hills: ‘I think she’s had food in the fridge for two years’

Crazy Rich Kris Jenner forgot she had an apartment in Beverly Hills: 'I think she's had food in the fridge for two years'

Kris Jenner has been working hard on his daughters success for many years. It is not without reason that there is a saying that “the devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works hard.” “Momagerce” has successfully promoted all of their children, except for his son Rob, who chose to live away from the spotlight of cameras after several seasons of “With a Camera at the Kardashians”.

Some even say that Chris It’s behind the “leak” of the sixth tape Kim kardashianWhich made the celebrities rowdy. The friendship with Paris Hilton and other Hollywood influencers gained media coverage for the Kardashians and soon their reality show. Kris was known in the tabloids before, and it was all because of Marriage to Robert Kardashian, who became famous thanks to the OJ Simpson affair.

Chris managed to build a giant empire and her daughters became millionaires, amassing huge fortunes. It turns out that Chris is so rich that she forgot one of her possessions. In the final season of Hulu’s series “The Kardashians,” it was revealed that Jenner had forgotten, in addition to luxury real estate, that she owns an “apartment” in Beverly Hills.

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I can’t wait to be in good shape and forget that I have my belongings somewhere Chloe said, visibly amused by the recording.

During the recording, Kris explained that she had bought an apartment to be closer to her mother, Mary Jo, and her cousin, Cece, who also own properties in the area.

I forgot this apartment there. It looks silly, doesn’t it? Chris asked in the movie.

Although Jenner wasn’t in the apartment, her fridge was definitely stocked for any occasion, including the lavish party. Chris made sure there was no shortage of champagne … The ladies also began a makeshift clean-up, where Mumagirca threw food out of the fridge, which, she admitted – “is probably two years old.”

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This is embarrassing and oblivious. We made them all rich. Including clicking on this article. Well, times like these. And she laughs at us saying she forgot she has a villa that costs millions

The fact that she throws food away in Los Angeles where the homeless are starving in the streets plus of course she hasn’t heard of recycling and thinks is funny. I feel sick


53 minutes ago

I wish I had a lot of money and a nice guy, even knowing he’s with me just for the money….

Wydziaran, MA…

45 minutes ago

Maybe we have Obajtuś the same!

Recent Comments (32)

Let her give back to the poor if she is too rich, I believe she will take this wealth to her grave

You don’t remember how many lives you’ve lived and after closing the article I don’t remember its name and what it looks like (or I don’t want to remember)

How about obajtek street and kaczuńska? What did they forget?

In difficult times I will be able to adapt to living in a hideout in the woods, I will find what I need, I am curious how celebrities who gave advice to people on how to cook dinner so that they do not starve, wealth is not everything

And in Poland more and more expensive, we fear fuel for the winter, which lasts six months, we save on everything. great no?

I wonder if they help the poor?

In the United States she writes differently, she has big debts, like her daughters … and I stop getting divorced all the time, or live with another to gain an advantage …

And my husband buys plots of land that I am looking for and I forgot one chain.

The ex-husband is already a more beautiful woman than her

The basic question is what does this woman create and what is her contribution to society??

After all, all people are set golden! They won’t say anything without preparation! After all, Khloe talks to her so artificially that she’s amazing and directed. However, it must be admitted that Chris really has a working head. graceful women.

She sold all her children on TV.

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