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Cristiano Ronaldo wants to settle with Manchester United and he has a plan. Maher!

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to settle with Manchester United and he has a plan.  Maher!

Manchester United are only sixth in the Premier League, so they will only play in the Europa League. However, Ronaldo is doing everything in his power to continue his game in the Champions League. You can understand the individual needs of the Portuguese. In this elite competition, the 37-year-old played 181 matches in which he scored 139 goals and scored 48 assists. He constantly wants to improve his stats.

That is why the Portuguese came up with a clever plan. Tancredi Palmieri has announced what the 37-year-old wants. “So Cristiano Ronaldo, in the face of Manchester United’s refusal to leave him, offered to extend his contract until 2024, but this season he wants to be on loan to play in the Champions League,” the journalist said.

It’s an interesting solution that would certainly be the best for Ronaldo, but that’s unlikely. It is doubtful that Manchester United would agree to such a scenario. However, if the Portuguese is given the green light for such a move, he will definitely go to one of the participants in the Champions League. Atletico Madrid and Sporting are among the main candidates.

The transfer window will close on August 31. The group stage of the Champions League will begin on September 6th. Ronaldo still has some time to convince the Manchester United chiefs of the validity of his proposal. Or come up with another solution.


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