October 19, 2021

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Cristiano Ronaldo with a message to the player in a coma.  She was going to invite him to the game

Cristiano Ronaldo with a message to the player in a coma. She was going to invite him to the game

On September 4, England striker Danny Hodgson for ECU Joondalup, a team in the Australian suburb of Perth, fell victim to an unprovoked attack that left him hospitalized in the intensive care unit. The athlete has undergone two brain surgeries and is currently in a coma, according to target.com, in a critical, albeit stable, condition.

However, Hodgson’s colleagues believe that despite his serious injuries, the footballer will recover. Cristiano Ronaldo appeared with great hope, as on Sunday, on the player’s 26th birthday, he posted a message on the Internet.

“Hi Danny, I just heard your story. I hope you get better soon,” the Portuguese said in the video. Ronaldo said: “I will invite you to one of our matches in Manchester, so get better as soon as possible. Take care of yourself.”

His support was also provided by Manchester United goalkeeper Dean Henderson, whom Hodgson was able to meet in person while playing for Carlisle United’s youth teams. “Be strong, you will survive this, I promise” – said the goalkeeper. He added that he could not wait to invite the injured player to the match at Old Trafford, and also hoped to be able to meet the other Red Devils players in person.

Australian media (including 10 News First TV) reported that one person was accused of hitting Danny Hodgson – a teenager who was supposed to hit the player with a single blow to the head. The footballer’s parents have already arrived in Australia, and are currently in mandatory quarantine before they can go to hospital and visit their son.

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In a statement issued to the press, Hodgson said that although they could not see the offspring at the moment, they sent him expressions of unconditional love. “While we are extremely proud of Danny’s many accomplishments in football, we are even more proud of his off the field. He is a hardworking, kind, fun and simply charming young man,” they wrote.