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Cristina Janda bragging about a picture with her son! Similar to the famous mother? (Photo)

Cristina Janda bragging about a picture with her son!  Similar to the famous mother?  (Photo)

Christina Ganda For years, he has regularly performed in front of the camera and on stage. Although the 69-year-old actress can boast of exceptionally rich artistic achievements, in recent years the media has been somewhat more likely to write about her political views than about her subsequent professional activities. Ganda belongs to the group Opponents of the current government camp announced He willingly talks about the realities of life in contemporary Poland or the social and political situation in the country and in the world. A few months ago in an interview with “Newsweek” the artist discussed, for example, high prices, Acknowledgment of freezing bread. Recently, she openly criticized Pope Francis’ attitude towards the war in Ukraine.

Christina Ganda Like many representatives of the world of cinema and home theater, he actively uses social media. The actress willingly shares content related to her career, including the activities of the theaters she manages. star sometimes However, he does allow himself some private life.

On Monday, Janda shared a family photo on Instagram. In the above photo, we can see how the actress, wearing an airy dress and a straw hat on her head, smiles widely for the camera. One of the grandchildren stands next to her.

with the son – Janda signed the photo.

The rest of the article is below the video

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There was no shortage of warm words from her fans in the comments under Krystyna Janda’s post. Some netizens also decided to tell the actress which of the parents, in their opinion, looks like her son.

Nice pic; Together is the best star-studded father Edward Kosinsky; very beautiful young man; very similar to Mrs.; The son of a handsome man. It reminds me a lot of your husband, even though I only saw him in pictures – We can read the comments below the actress’s post.

Watch how Kristina Janda stands with her son.

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I respect production and talent, and I don’t particularly blame the situation when the artist supports talented children. But I somehow conflict when they get involved politically unilaterally, which provokes hostility. During the communes there was the same re-branded appellation, today there are elections for a change of power and I really do not wish to be educated in politics, ecology, etc. by well-known, deserving or not people. They do not set an example for themselves. In general, because I respect my private life and I personally have nothing to do with Mrs. Janda. To the theater too. I didn’t like the abolition of culture

Ha-ha-ha… I look great in big sunglasses 😂😂😂

Son already in Filmous or not yet?

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Pictures with sunglasses? seriously? Just like Dowbor’s daughter wearing a mask and asking who she looks like. Do you feel okay in the editorial office? Here the gradient is already trending.

When it last appears in the media, it costs the Polish taxpayer a few big bubbles

Why all this hate in us?

Did Mrs. Cricia hit the fifth dose with a wild boar?

Pole on the iron podium 10 times. And Pudelek Be calm.

Vaccination also off-line?

She’s been on vacation more than once after such huge savings from frozen bread. The woman had to eat a lot of this bread

I feel like a person…

Too poor, but Yvonne can handle it

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