October 19, 2021

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Croatia.  A mysterious woman is found on the shore of the island of Krk.  I don't remember who |  News from the world

Croatia. A mysterious woman is found on the shore of the island of Krk. I don’t remember who | News from the world

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Croatian the police All people who recognize the person from the photos are asked to contact you. The woman was found on September 12 on the northern island of Krk CroatiaWhich is popular with tourists.

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A woman was found on the Croatian island of Krk. Who is?

She says the woman who was found speaks English, but she doesn’t remember who she is CNN. – He is currently in hospital and his condition is stable – the police informed the department. Discover a man on a woman’s boat. It was he who informed the services, fearing that his boat would skew during rescue attempts. “Watchman“States Medical lifeguards They arrived in two vehicles, but to reach their destination they had to walk an additional three kilometers.

As we read, there are many indications that the woman spent several days outdoors. She was so exhausted that it was hard for her to drink on her own. She had minor cuts and scrapes to her body. According to CNN, rescuers had to move her on a stretcher because she was unable to walk on her own.

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Croatia. The police are asking for help in establishing the identity of the discovered woman

The woman couldn’t explain who she was or how she ended up Island. She also did not have any documents or a mobile phone with her, and there was no car near where she was found. However, locals point out that this is an inaccessible part of the bay, strewn with very sharp stones. A hard-to-reach place where there is practically nothing – except for the wild animals that occasionally show up.

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police She handed pictures and a description of the woman who found them. She is about 60 years old, has a medium build and measures around 165 cm. She’s blonde sad On the shoulders and blue eyes. At the time she was found, she was wearing a dark blue color under wear striped hoodie black Pink and linen sneakers and pants hat. Police ask for any information to be reported. CNN reports that several people have already contacted the services, but the woman’s identity remains puzzle.