October 19, 2021

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Croatia.  Identify a mysterious woman.  Made a career in the USA

Croatia. Identify a mysterious woman. Made a career in the USA

  • The woman who was found on a Croatian island does not know her name or how she ended up in this place
  • Tourists from the Czech and Slovak Republic living in Zagreb helped meet Daniela or Dana Adamkova
  • In the past, Adamcova lived in the USA, where she had a successful career as a designer
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Croatian police said, on Wednesday, that the woman found was either Daniela or Dana Adamkova, adding that her identity was confirmed by friends from Croatia and Slovakia. These people identified her in the photos released by the police on Monday.

The victim sustained scrapes on her body and a wound on her skin. She was taken to a hospital in Rijeka. According to the local police, she spoke English freely, but did not have any identification documents with her. Her condition was stable. The woman did not know her name.

24Sata news service confirmed that it was Adamcova, and also added that Słowaczka had her breaks in the US until 2015. In the US, she had to design jewelry for stars like Brigitte Bardot I Barbra Streisand. Her work also appeared in the series “Friends”.

From Trencin to Santa Monica

She had to leave her hometown of Trencin in 1984 to study design. A few years ago, one of the local newspapers published an article about her, in which she wrote, inter alia, about the fact that Adamcova designs jewelry for big stars. The woman told reporters that she studied in Santa Monica and entered the world of show business thanks to her partner, her future husband.

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Adamcova was due to divorce her partner in 2000 and return to Slovakia, where she stayed until 2008. It is not clear exactly when she returned to Slovakia. United States of America, but it worked in 2015-18 Ireland In a homeless shelter. Later she returned to Trencin.

Notice the woman hunter

Adamcova was acquainted with a Slovak friend who lives in Zagreb, as well as tourists from the Czech Republic who had previously met the 60-year-old. While in police custody, Adamkova was supposed to feel cold, afraid and confused.

The woman was in a remote area and the police had to walk 3 kilometers to reach her. The local fisherman noticed it first and informed the services. She was so weak that she was unable to drink water on her own. It also has many cuts.

Źródło: “The Guardian”, 24Sata

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