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Crosco returned from the United States. This is how his wife greeted him. Images do not lie – o2

Crosco returned from the United States.  This is how his wife greeted him.  Beauty!  - o2

Piotr Kraśko and Karolina Ferenstein-Kraśko were married on September 3, 2008 in a meadow in Gałków. The couple can boast of a large family because they have three children so far: the sons of Constantine and Alexander and the youngest daughter, Laura.

Piotr Kraśko and Karolina Ferenstein-Kraśko still can not stand without each other. Here is the proof

Until recently, Pyotr Krasko stayed in Washington, DC. Fortunately for his relatives, the journalist has already returned to their nostalgic hands. As you can see on Instagram, the journalist is trying to keep in touch with his family. Meanwhile, Carolina Fernstein-Krasko decided to share a story that happened 15 years ago, which happened during a May picnic.

Coming straight home from Washington! I also remember a trip 15 years ago, history is coming back again and again … – Carolina Fernstein-Grosco mysteriously started with a description of a photo with her husband on Instagram.

Carolina Fernstein-Krasko explained that 15 years ago Piotr Krasko was in the United States at the same time. The journalist’s wife admitted that she remembered this extraordinary coincidence while waiting two weeks for her husband’s visit, following the television reports he was making.

That was 15 years ago, when Pyotr was a reporter in the United States! During the last two weeks of his absence and looking at his relationships from the states, I was reminded of this insane moment – Carolina Fernstein-Grosco (Instagram) admitted.

With my three-month-old son, I rushed straight from Gałków to Washington … wonderful memories! Hope you had a great May picnic, you’re back with strength and work and confidence in everyday life – Carolina Fernstein-Krasko (Instagram) concluded.

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