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Crossing the EU border with animals: the most important rules

Crossing the EU border with animals: the most important rules

The simplified rules for transporting animals across the borders of the European Union, which were introduced at the beginning of the war, no longer apply in all European countries. What are the current guidelines? Find out what you need to know when crossing the border with your pet.

Animals are also fleeing with people from war-torn Ukraine. Whereas in the beginning, pet transportation was much easier by the chief health inspector, now the old rules apply. What should you remember? Current rules:

The animal must be correctly identified

Dogs, cats and rodents must have a microchip implanted in accordance with technical requirements (or a legible tattoo if performed before 3 July 2011)

Compulsory rabies vaccination

The parent must have a certificate of all current vaccinations with him. The date of vaccination cannot be earlier than the date of introduction of the microchip to the animal. Important: When you first get the rabies vaccine, it takes effect after three weeks. If the animal has not been vaccinated, report this to the border guards. In Poland, animals from Ukraine can benefit from a free rabies vaccine.
The guardian is also obligated to provide a current serological test result for rabies antibodies.

Necessary documents

The European Pet Passport is a document drawn up according to the EU standard form. It is necessary for travel between EU countries. If the animal is traveling with a person who is not its day-to-day guardian, a permit evidencing the non-commercial nature of the movement must be submitted.
Detailed information on traveling with pets can be found


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