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Currant juice is the same health, you can reach for this simple recipe

Currant juice is the same health, you can reach for this simple recipe

Currant juice is rich in vitamins and minerals. You will do it in no time. This is a proven recipe.

In the summer, we love eating fresh fruit as a healthy snack at home, at work, and on holiday trips. Currants are one of the most delicious summer dishes, and we can use them in many ways in the kitchen. Juices and jams made from it are very popular. It is also a delicious addition to cakes, appetizers and desserts. This time, come up with a recipe for a nutritious smoothie made from this fruit, which is juicy and refreshing.

Currant juice – an easy recipe

A cocktail in this version is a delicious proposal for both the first and second breakfast. You can prepare it in just a few minutes. In this recipe, we will use black currant, which has a slightly sour, pungent taste. To dilute it, add a little golden honey to your smoothie.

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  • kitchen

    Polish cuisine

  • time

    15 minutes

  • to you people

    for one person


200 grams of black currant
100 ml of natural yogurt
2 teaspoons of honey
3 teaspoons almond flakes
2 fresh mint leaves

How to prepare

  1. Wash the currants well and put them in a blender.
  2. Add natural yogurt and honey and mix everything.
  3. Put the cocktail in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.
  4. Before serving, decorate with almond flakes, fresh currants and mint leaves.

Currant juice – nutritional properties

You can talk about the health benefits of this cocktail for hours. The currants it contains is rich in vitamin C, which protects the body from microbes, nourishes the skin and gives it a glow. In addition, these fruits support the digestive process and have a positive effect on the work of the circulatory system. In addition, it is a source of flavonoids – compounds with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties that delay the body’s aging process and cleanse the body of toxic substances.

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