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Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.3 - CD Projekt RED in the midst of criticism after yesterday's broadcast

Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.3 – CD Projekt RED in the midst of criticism after yesterday’s broadcast

August 18, 2021, 12:09

The news that was shown during yesterday’s live broadcast, that it will go to Cyberpunk 2077, disappointed fans, to put it mildly.

After so long waiting for a new update Cyberpunk 2077 movie Fans surely expected what?? Great ad. After all, there’s been rumors of upcoming DLCs – they definitely have to be something, right? yesterday Stream However, CD Projekt RED turned out to be quite disappointing. During the broadcast, the developers provided all the news about patch 1.3. Although it may seem so List of modifications He is tall and respected, It is the gaming community that does not leave a dry line for developers.

How do you start here? Probably from the infamous free downloadable content the creators announced during yesterday’s broadcast. Given the time since the game’s premiere (and damaged trust credit), we had hope of what? More than advertised Two new jackets, a new car, or a replacement look for Johnny Silverhand.

In various forums since yesterday CD Projekt RED Speaking Festival is underway. Fans are disappointed again and this is reflected in the comments. Forum user reddit He boasts that he predicted (in part) what would be hidden in the new content Cyberpunk.

Introducing Patch 1.3 and DLC to Cyberpunk 2077's disappointment;  CDP RED Fan Community Criticizes - Illustration #1

He already knew. ?? Source: Reddit

Even though they wanted to appear on the stream how CP 2077 On the verge of change in the upcoming patch, it was impossible to avoid all sorts of bugs still present in the game, which did not go unnoticed by commentators.

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Here is an example of a NPC performing the legendary “t-pose”:

One forum member even joked that t mode is still very popular CyberpunkThat it should be included in the lore of the game.

All summed up by user Alexej1989:

First, the development team appeared on stage and apologized for the poor start of the game. They said they wanted to make up for that, and in recent months they have mainly focused on improving performance, QoL, and “environmental change” (ie bringing more life into the game).

They then introduced a long list of changes including a mini-map, a police spawn, perks, and several smaller and larger bug fixes. It looked really promising!

They announced major additional content for Judy and showed introductory videos for the upcoming patch in October.

….. Ok I’m just kidding. They only talk freely about how to feed the cat, how you can smile in front of the mirror now, and that there will be many “very small” DLCs until a big one is finally released. I was really shocked by what I see now.

Now we’ll quote comments from our own yard, z Online gaming forumWhere a wave of criticism also falls on CDPR:

It is a pity that even during this broadcast, which showed excerpts and parts of the “censored” gameplay, there were more bugs that went against what was said. The game obviously ran on a “cool platform”, a lot has been fixed/improved in terms of data flow, some NPC behaviors have been improved, and still:

– V leaves the apartment and while turning “in front of our eyes”, you read the picture, you can first see her legs, then her hands, then the torso and clothes (4 point scene, really…),

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– Like a mirror repaired and after its release, the wavy hair literally blurs the face of the V, especially the nose,

– Before throwing a grenade near the bridge you can see how it disappears and part of the building appears,

-V runs later, sees a few npcts a few tens of meters away, then suddenly reads two npcts or spawns in front of her, a few meters before…

– After seeing the red pedestrian traffic light at the intersection, the npcts turn back and go on happily, instead of waiting like other traffic lights,

– After calling the car in the badlands, it did not come, but rather stood a few dozen meters away, a mistake or a deliberate act, so as not to be caught in the stream, so as to soar into the air? I do not know,

– “Enter a new region” appears all the time when entering regions you already know (is it really hard to add a storage identifier that remembers visited regions?),

– Putting a mini map away in the car because streaming is an improvement, cool, but is it really hard to finish it off with any miniaturization effect, not skip? I think it doesn’t affect efficiency as much as it was done by depositors and it’s just a visual effect.

Also, regarding correction notes:

Cars in traffic now beep when they hit a V.

So the vehicles will not be able to avoid obstacles but they will hit the V? I think you changed it in 1.2 that the car instead of standing 2m in front of the V (and sometimes 50m depending on the location) drives it and stops, but it’s still a workaround.

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– Cousin of user 123.

It’s not funny anymore… It’s nice that they fix bugs etc. But you have to add things like minimap minimap to create more items at once a week or more after the premiere and not after 8 months and this dlc… 8 months and we get one composite jacket and a look for Johnny… . After 8 months of this dlc they should also add a week or a month after the premiere…the first DLC came to the tower on day two

Gutra user.

After yesterday’s presentation of the CD Projekt RED, players begin to doubt whether Cyberpunk ever to the absolutely optimal state. Well, the action plan for the coming months assumes “several fixes and improvements,” but despite its introduction, the game is still full of shortcomings that players write about. Before the end of this year, Redzi announced that the game will be updated for next-generation consoles. Maybe then we will get what?? positive.