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Czarnecki changed disgrace at the PLS party. I will always laugh at this man.

Czarnecki changed disgrace at the PLS party.  I will always laugh at this man.

for Jacek Kasperczyk The past eight months were the first period in which he did not take charge of the role of president of the Polish Volleyball Federation. He became his successor after five years in this position Sebastian SchwederskyAnd Kasperzyk, despite remaining on the board of directors of the federation, perceives volleyball and its environment a little more calmly.

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Revolution or evolution in Polish volleyball players? Cork: We’ll see on the field. The staff is not a kindergarten

“Paparazzi” Kasprzyk. The former head of the PZPS is better in his new position

Kasprzyk appeared at the Polish Volleyball League’s 20th Anniversary Gala, but looked a lot quieter than when he attended such events a dozen or so months ago. When he took a series of photos of his friends, the passersby were adorable Footballer Artur Siódmiak mobile he calls the paparazzi. – I think I’d be better off in such a looser role – the former boss laughed, now he’s a board member PZPS.

– I never liked to be the most important, but here I am among friends, so I feel safe here. I feel at peace and ease. I am less stressed, and my work is much less intense. Of course, the responsibility arises, because I am a board member, so my vote is important in many things, but my eyes are on others. I can only help them, Kasprzyk said.

Cretu has done the impossible with ZAKSA and is leaving. Will it replace Grbic?

Czarnecki was endangered at the PZPS gala. Kasperzhik from him “always laughing”

There were many awards at Monday’s ceremony. Mainly in the form of awards or decorations, but also passive. In one of the performances at the Cabaret Ethics of Nebokogo, which aims to make the evening more attractive, a character is associated with the Polish Retina – He also remembers the characters created by Robert Gorsky and Mikojaj Chislak – driving a convertible and traveling “kilometers”.

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During the cut scene, activists’ smiles and a barrage of laughter appeared in the room. It was, of course, about Richard Czarnickiwho last fall was an opponent of Sebastian Schwedersky and Jacek Kasprzyk in the competition for the PZPS chief. In the end, he withdrew on voting day. – A year ago, probably not everyone would have made fun of this drawing, right? – We asked Jacek Kasperzyk. – I laughed last year, I laughed this year and I will always laugh at this guy – he assured the activist.

Loyalty is not a trait of Richard. It jumps from batch to batch. in Sports also. Motorcycle racing and basketball. He has previously been a candidate for membership in the Polish Football Association, the Polish Olympic Committee. The promise of money from state-owned enterprises is really a lot of courage – Kasprzyk said of Czarnecki in September last year, when In an interview with, he described him as a “strange character”..

“widerski has the toughest period behind him”

Therefore, his opinion of Czarniky has not changed, as in the case of the new president – Sebastian Schwedersky. He had the best relations with him at the end of the election campaign, and after the elections he became a member of the union council that he created. – In Sebastian’s case, I support him and I will support him because he is the right person in the right place – Kasperzyk noted.

Bartosh Bednorz“I just had to be calm.” Bartosz Bednorz returned from Russia and broke the silence

The first and most difficult period is over. He had to get to know people, and start working in systems completely different from those of the club. I had a similar case when I switched after a while with AZS at Warsaw University of Technology. I know what it is like when you are responsible not for one department, but for several sectors in a large organization. For this, after all, you live in a city without a family, because Sebastian had to travel a lot to Kędzierzyn. I got this support and when I got home I was able to breathe a little. But I think very positively about his work and look forward to the following effects of his actions – he evaluated them.

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A new era for Polish volleyball players. ‘Our potential is huge’

For President Oedersky, this year’s acting season will be the first in a new role. For Kasperzyk, he was the first to hold the position of the former president. – I finished my job and a certain era of gamers ended. It always is, after the Olympics there is a certain generational change and it was the same for us. You should have a lot of respect for those who ended their acting life. Michai Kubik, Piotr Nowakowski, Damian Wojtaszek: These are all players who have contributed a lot to this team. I knew Bewtrek from a young age when he was playing on the subway WarsawHe’s a great player and guy. Each of them deserves to bow to him and thank him for what he has done for Polish volleyball. The activist noted that it was worth saying goodbye to them.

But farewell is also time for substitutions. The possibility of not losing in this exchange is huge. There are a lot of players in the center of Michał or Piotrek. Aside from the great player Kamel Semenyuk, Tomic Fornal is also after a really good season. There is also a group of young volleyball players in the center. There shouldn’t be any problems with this game. Maybe mentally. Michai Kubik was a very strong character and he was able to integrate this team. Now I would like the new captain, Bartik Couric, to be able to do that as well. Because we know that matches are not always won on the field alone. Most often this is done in the coat room – Kasperzyk explained.

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Finally, Stefano Lavarini joined the Polish volleyball players. “It will help you to rise higher”

The season was the first to be started, however, by Polish volleyball players with a new coach Stefano Lavarini. For many of them, the foreign coach, who has a reputation and experience as an Italian, is the long-awaited move for PZPS. Kasprzyk did not want to decide on such a coach.

– Did you hear the players said about the new coach, that someone like Lavarini would finally come to us? Surely you have heard. Qualitatively, women’s volleyball in Poland was still slightly worse than men’s volleyball. We are struggling to change this. An example is Martyna Czyrniańska, who distinguished herself in leagueAfter that, he obtained a high school diploma. We still have a few of those players. That’s why I’m glad to have coach Lavarini, who has a slightly different approach to volleyball and will help us climb higher – as Jacek Kasprzyk described.

Cork explains the adoption of the invitation.  asking for Cork explains the adoption of the invitation. He manages to avoid asking about the “Kopic Group”.

Kasprzyk also confirmed that, although he plays a different role, he will follow every match of the Polish national team. – I got up for Iga Świątek, and it’s a little calmer, because it’s a different sport, so I’ll be more with volleyball. I watched as a young boy in 1974 when we won the world championship and I will follow in 2022, he confirmed. He will have his first chance on Thursday, June 2nd. And twice: the Poles will play first against Canada at midnight and then at 21:00 with Brazil during the first League of Nations tournament in Bossier, USA. Live coverage on and in the LIVE mobile application.

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