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Czech Minister: A series of pro-Russian governments will be established in Europe next year.

Minister Jozef Sikela (fot. Thierry Monasse/Getty Images)

If we fail, the influence of the pro-Russian forces will increase. Next year, a number of pro-Russian governments will be established in Europe that will want to force Ukraine to make major concessions and will head to Russia for cheap gas. Czech Economy Minister Josef Sekila warned that this would be the end of the EU’s common front, and therefore a threat to our existence. He added that Russia is fighting an effective hybrid war by spreading fear through disinformation used by populists and extremists.

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“I am very worried. There is no need to pretend, the situation is tragic,” Sequela said in an interview with German newspaper Die Welt.

The Czech politician indicated that tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Prague last Sunday to protest against the rise in energy prices and demanded the lifting of sanctions imposed on Russia. “The demonstration was organized by extremists – communists, people who doubted the existence of the coronavirus and pro-Russian forces, but besides them were also ordinary people who were simply afraid of an unknown future. He should take these problems seriously. The minister emphasized that governments in Europe should mitigate their effects. .

According to the politician, there will be a “decisive battle” during the coming winter. According to Sekila, “The Kremlin hopes that the people of our country will not agree to continue our policy this winter and that we will have to lift the sanctions.” The Czech minister stressed, however, that “this cannot happen”.

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In an interview with Die Welt, the politician also suggested a “certain departure” from carbon dioxide emissions trading rules. He stressed that “it’s not about giving up on our climate goals” and that “we have a war with that,” he said. Czech Economy Minister Josef Sekila warned that “if the European Union fails to deal with the problem of high energy prices, the pro-Russian forces in Europe will gain importance next year, which will force Ukraine to compromise with Russia.”

The Czech Republic holds the presidency of the European Union within six months.

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