October 19, 2021

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Czech Republic.  Milos Zeman's health problems.  The president has been hospitalized

Czech Republic. Milos Zeman’s health problems. The president has been hospitalized

Czech media quoted a hospital spokeswoman as saying that “President Milos Zeman was taken in an ambulance from Lani Castle to the Central Military Hospital.” Earlier, Milos Zeman met the country’s Prime Minister Andrej Babis, whose party on Saturday lost minimally in parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic.

We can expect more information about the current health status of the 77-year-old at 14 when hospital management is briefed.

In the last years Zeman was in a military hospital several times. Last year he underwent surgery for a broken arm. In 2019, he spent four days in the hospital, and doctors ordered him to have his hearing checked. Last month, Zeman spent eight days in the hospital – Reuters reports.

The Czech president is undergoing long-term treatment for neuropathy in his legs, which is linked to diabetes. Due to leg issues, he started using a wheelchair this year.

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Source: Reuters / Bab


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