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“Człowiek Cyc” went to M¦ in Qatar. Unfortunately. What we expected happened with the Polish national team

"Człowiek Cyc" went to M¦ in Qatar.  Unfortunately.  What we expected happened with the Polish national team

a trip to World Championship In Qatar, it is associated with high costs and not everyone can afford such expenses. Recently it turned out that the Qataris decided to “buy” 50 Dutch fans. The organizers will pay for the flight and accommodation, but in exchange they expect increased activity on social media. What rules must the invitees follow? fansare codified in what is called the Code of Conduct.

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A cheerleader with artificial breasts went to the World Cup at the expense of Qatar. He had problems

According to the Dutch media, one of these fans is Harry Goudsblom. The fan is famous for appearing on matches With … artificial breasts. The media dubbed the Dutchman “Tit Man”. Given the customs prevailing in Qatar, it is a chuckle that this particular fan flew to Qatar at the expense of the hosts. The average Dutchman has other concerns. We can go to the World Cup for free, how often do you get this chance? All we’re expected to do is yell “Holland, Holland” for three minutes and wave media. Well, I have a bit of a problem with that because we’re behind the Netherlands and we’re there for it football – He said. He added that he would go to Qatar with his breasts and Captain Armbands “One Love”Which is one of the most important topics in the tournament.

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Like he said, Goudsblom went to the World Cup with silicone breasts and armbands. Now the Dutch media is reporting that not everything is going smoothly. Goudsblom himself talks about this in an interview with the portal. At first he thought he wouldn’t have any problems after contacting the Dutch Football Association (KNVB). – At first there were no problems with the police or security, everyone just wanted to take a selfie with me. Everything was going well until during the match I saw a goalkeeper talking to an agent and pointing at me. But this agent made a “let him go” gesture. Even later, I saw two customers with iPads walk up to another supporter who was wearing a “OneLove” wristband. Then I was able to quickly hide my badges under my sleeves. Then the party went on, we won the game, I was dancing outside, inside the court and everything. I was taking selfies again. Suddenly, the overzealous customer started acting restless. I had to take my OneLove bracelets off and put them back on. I don’t want to do the latter. After that, I had to leave the field with 20 officers,” Godsbloom says.

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Even before leaving for Qatar, the Dutchman announced that he had no intention of going to a Qatari prison. “If it’s forbidden, just tell me, I won’t wear those breasts.” But these cops here don’t know anymore. The instructions are not clear.

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