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Dacia Jogger with one star in the Euro NCAP. This is what the acronym looks like

Dacia Jogger with one star in the Euro NCAP.  This is what the acronym looks like

The results of the Euro NCAP test for the recently launched Dacia Jogger can be horrifying. In an age when a four-star rating seems poor, a vehicle primarily geared toward families has won just one. Passenger protection rated at 70%, child protection at 69%, and pedestrian protection rated at 41%. and security systems by 39 percent.

This is the lowest result of all the cars Euro NCAP tested in 2022. There is only a small hitch – & Hairsp; Euro NCAP has not tested the Jogger. See for yourself:

What happened here?

In fact, Euro NCAP didn’t smash the Dacia Jogger’s engine like it usually does. Passive safety was evaluated based on design Dacia Sandero step away and crash test results. Because Sandero Jogger is technically connected.

Meanwhile, the Dacia Sandero that the organization tested in 2021 received two stars. Pedestrian safety and active safety, that is, systems intended to prevent an accident, are rated low.

Test: Dacia Jogger – The market needed such a car

As the lineup of large family cars gets scarier and more expensive, Dacia is taking the stage with the new Jogger. It is essential…

And this is where the Jogger fell, not because Dacia was unable to make a safe car, but because of…the price. At least in part, because if a car is cheap, which is what Jogger means, it must have limited basic equipment. Meanwhile, security systems are one of the most expensive options.

On the other hand, Euro NCAP evaluates the number and operation of systems, while Jogger has few. In this category he received one star. In contrast, the principles adopted by the organization show that The car is rated by the number of stars it receives in the weakest category.

To make matters worse, the seven-seat Jogger version has been put under Euro NCAP scrutiny, which in turn means that the organization has also assessed the safety of people sitting in the third row. There, as in almost every car of these and similar parts, there are no hooks isofix (Usually only installed in oversized trucks and oversized minivans.) There are also no signs that seat belts are not fastened.

In the third row, as in almost every car, there are no ISOFIX attachments.  But few manufacturers offer such versions for the Euro NCAP study

How can you love cars Volvo XC90 Does the Audi Q7 get five stars and will it also carry seven passengers? It’s simple & hairsp; – & hairsp; Manufacturers offer five-person variants for testing.

What about trucks? It could be different here. As for full-size pickups, usually only pickups are tested, but even if the test goes to the passenger type (eg an eight-seater Mercedes V), these cars have isofixes in the third-row seats. It is similar to a big minivan & hairsp; – & hairsp; Either the seven-seater version has not been tested, or the third row is equipped with isofix couplings (such as the VW Sharan).

Shortcut or available product?

It is worth noting here that Dacia customers do not care about many “unnecessary” things, including. protection systems. The car is cheap and available. Dacia as a manufacturer fully understands this and at the same time responds to these needs. Jogger prices on the Polish market start from PLN 59900 (for a large station wagon with a huge trunk) or from 73,900 PLN (for a large station wagon with seven seats). It is the cheapest car of its size and the cheapest car for seven people.

As with equipment items, Dacia customers and the factory itself do not necessarily care electric mobilityIf we look at her comics, this is the spring model. Let me just remind you that this car also got a 1-star “exciting” result, but it’s cheap and the cheapest electrician on the market.

People who target this brand of cars are purely pragmatic, starting with the price, or rather the price-to-volume ratio of the car. And they see the economy in the gas supply system, so each model can be equipped with a factory installation.

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