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Dagmara Domińczyk: Who is the Polish star of America?

Dagmara Domińczyk: Who is the Polish star of America?

About Dockmar Dominic In 2002, Poland heard when the American-British film “The Count of Monte Cristo” was released in theaters. In an adaptation of Alexander Dumas’ famous novel, Tacomara played the beloved Mercedes of the main character played by Jim Cavicell.

This is only the fourth character in Dominic’s life. Since then, he has starred in more than 20 productions, most recently the successor to the much-loved Golden Globe series “Successor”. Its first show took place last year Nominated for three Academy Awards “Daughter” starring Domicik with Olivia Coleman, Ed Harris and Dakota Johnson. Since the time of Bola Negri, no Polish woman, including Jonah Bagula, has been able to achieve such success abroad.

And the beginning was dramatic …

Takmara Domissik was 5 years old when his father, an opposition activist, took part in the strike at the Gdansk shipyard, the first leader of the MKZ NSZZ “Solidarity” in the więtokrzyskie region. He was arrested at midnight At his apartment in Keells. As one star recalled quoted in the weekly magazine “Świat i Lud”:

Mirosław Domińczyk was imprisoned for 11 months, after his release, Communist authorities The whole family was forced to leave the country. It is not allowed to take anything other than essential items. In 1983, the Dominicans found a temporary shelter in West Germany with 5-year-old Takmara and his sister, from where they wandered further. As Takmara reveals in an interview for the documentary “World Carriers of Poles”. Disciples “

Takmara’s mother worked as a cleaner, and her father worked as a taxi driver and caretaker. Takmara made it a matter of honor to get out of poverty and achieve a standard of living that would help his family. Initially, he was thinking about a career as a writer. He wrote short stories in English and then read them to his classmates until he accidentally learned that he had joined the prestigious Lacardia School of Music. Although there were only 50 of the 8,000 applicants, she received it.

It was agreed upon when Poland seceded from the yoke of communism and Takmara’s father received it. Proposal for cooperation in forming a new government. However, because of the daughters, especially because they were deported to a third country, my mother decided that they should stay in the United States. Mirosław Domińczyk accepted his wife’s arguments, but avoided returning to his homeland. Higher pay with depression. He did not return to Poland 10 years after the divorce.

Meanwhile, Takmara began his acting studies and soon got a chance on Broadway, accepting as a student, but it was enough to get noticed. Proposals began to come in, including the role of Mercedes in “The Count of Monte Cristo”. Domińczyk She received $ 200,000 for that. It was, even 20 years ago, a ridiculous sum for a female lead character, but Takmara was happy anyway. Victory encouraged her to refuse to change her name:

In 2005, he married his high school girlfriend, and actor Patrick Wilson was nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe Award for his role in the television series “Angels in America.” So far they are together, which does not often happen in the show business. They have two sons and are set to celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary soon. In an interview with the Polish “Vogue” magazine, Domicic agreed:

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