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Dagmara Kaźmierska is delighted with her potential daughter-in-law: “As delicate as a flower! This is not an empty doll”

Dagmara Kaźmierska is delighted with her potential daughter-in-law: "As delicate as a flower! This is not an empty doll"

known from life queens Dagmara Kaźmierska Taking the publishing market by storm. Last Monday, the controversial girl from Kłodzko promoted her latest work at the Norbelin factory in Warsaw. Of course, Pudelek’s cameras could not be missing at the meeting with the “writer”.

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Our reporter, Michao Dzidzic, insisted Dagmara Kaźmierska about her potential daughter-in-law. Somehow Ionia She has just made her debut alongside her boyfriend Conan on TV and has already caused quite a stir among netizens. However, as Dagmara emphasizes, she doesn’t even think about parading through walls and partying in flashes of light.

She is too sensitive for this world. This is not her. Show business is unfortunately difficult. Here you must have sharp claws. hard ass People can be very cruel. Besides, she is not attracted to her. She wants to be a doctor. There it is very well arranged in the head. This is not an empty doll. It’s a golden baby.

Dagmara added that she would be very happy to organize a wedding for Conan and Ewunia. For now, she still has to back out.

I was arranging the whole wedding for them. But there would be no such need. Furthermore, he (Conan) wouldn’t let me. I know what I’ll do. Sparkle, golden balloons. It will be Sunday in the country.


We also found out that Conan and Ewa actually make a joint nest in Wroclaw. Judging by what the “Queen” said, the conditions for this are very comfortable.

They have been living together in Wroclaw for a long time. (…) They have a beautiful suite. They have a lot of space, you can ride a bike. They are cute, but not my style at all, because they don’t have peace there. I love gypsies. I don’t ask much.

Nefertiti Mercedes Cleopatra! But Konanik will not allow me to give that name. He says, “Mom, get it out of your head.”


Would you like to get mother-in-law such a blow?

Is the relationship crisis between Deynn and Majewski just a media act?

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