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Damien Seeziker thunders. Six minutes and it’s over. Athletics “My country is so beautiful”

Damien Seeziker thunders.  Six minutes and it's over.  Athletics "My country is so beautiful"

One of Poland’s biggest hopes for medal winners at the European Athletics Championships was Damien Czeker. However, both Czykier’s fans and the Poles faced major disappointment. Our duel didn’t even make it to the final. He made a lot of mistakes in the semi-final race. It was a poor start, losing his rhythm in the second hurdle, and a turn in the fourth hurdle. Effect? Last place at 13.99.

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Damien Seeziker is roaring on Instagram. “They said they don’t care.”

– I made a terrible mistake on the second hurdle, I calibrated it, the fourth was a spin and that’s it – he said right after the run on TVP Sport. At the time he was unaware that his mistake in the fourth hurdle was due to contact with one of his competitors. His coach was the only one who told him about it and offered to make a protest. But nothing came of it. why?

Czykier himself said about it on his Instagram. He made a video just after the end of the 400m race, in which Natalia Kaczmarek and Anna Kubasinska won medals. When the girls ran to the rings, Sizecare found out that his dreams of a medal were finally dashed by the grief of one of the team members.

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After the race, the coach said we had to file a protest because my mistakes, my second mistake, were caused by my contact with a Frenchman. We were in the judiciary, they showed us it with the cameras, it’s a controversial situation. Indeed, the Frenchman walks my path with his hand at the moment of impact. It’s hard to tell what the ruling is, but they said they weren’t interested in it. Because our head coach protested too late. Greetings, my country is so beautiful – said Cheeseker in the recording. how did that happen? According to Mateusz Wasiewski, the delay was due to the fact that the relationship did not agree with the player’s version. In the end he was six minutes late.

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Medal RankingPolish Wednesday in Munich. This is the medal ranking after another day of struggle

If Czykier was allowed to protest, he might have been allowed to run again, without rivals. However, we will not know about this. Spaniard Aser Martinez won the final, in which we did not see the Poles. The second is the French Pascal Martinot Lagarde, who… He lost the battle for gold by 0.001 seconds.

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