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Dancing with the Stars 12: Kagra is passionate about his father’s death. “He sat on the bench and fell asleep.” Who got out? [ZAPIS RELACJI] – Super Express

Taniec z gwiazdami 12: Kajra ze wzruszeniem o śmierci ojca. Usiadł na ławce i zasnął [RELACJA]

Author: fot. AKPA
Dancing with the Stars 12: Kagra is passionate about his father’s death. “Sit on the bench and sleep” [RELACJA]

On an autumn Monday evening, fans of the dance show have a lot to celebrate! At 20:05 Polsat broadcasts the first episode of “Dancing with the Stars. Tanik Z Guysadamy”. In the third episode, the participants will dance to songs that remind them of their homeland. Who will do the best and whose leg will collapse? Follow the live broadcast on

This is the third episode of the cult show “Tank Zee Guysdami”! In the twelfth version, the participants danced to songs that, among other things, connected them with love. Today, the subject of the guide will be home. Who will say goodbye to the program? Let us remind you that a couple have been dumped so far. Watch our live coverage of the third episode of Dancing With The Stars. Dancing With The Stars 12!

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Who appeared in the twelfth edition of “Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with the Stars”? Here is a list of the twelfth edition of “Dancing with the Stars. Tanik Ze Gwaizdami” (star/dancer) who remained on the show:

  • Łukasz Jurkowski and Wiktoria Omyła
  • Isabella Małysz and Stefano Terracino
  • Peter Moroz and Hana Ludziewicz
  • Kagra and Ravi Misrak
  • Siluya Bomba and Jacek Jishek
  • Radek Liszewski and Linka Klimentova
  • Kinga Suchuk and Jacob Lebowski
  • Oliwia Bieniuk and Michał Bartkiewicz

Let us remind you that in addition to Iona Pavlovich, Andrei Grabovsky and Michai Malitovsky, Andrei Piasecniy is also a member of the jury! Follow our report. We start on September 13, 2021 at 20:05.

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21:59 Who will say goodbye to the program? According to the audience, Radek Liszewsky and Lenka Klimentova did the worst.

21:35 The first of them were Isabella Maces and Stefano Terrazino, the third were Siluya Bomba and Jacek Gesek, and the third – Oliuya Penyuk and Michai Bartkevich. ukasz Jurkowski and Wiktoria Omyła as well as Piotr Mróz and Hanna Żudziewicz remained at the court longer. The star of the series “Policemen” got 8 points!

21:30 It’s time for the Mambo Marathon! The pair that is eliminated first will earn 1 point, while the pair that will keep the longest – 8 points. – Mambo is a dance that anyone can count to three to do. Rafai Misrak confessed.

21:23 I’m stuck in this city – This is what the leader of the band “Week End” said about his hometown. It turns out that Radosław Liszewski is by name with all the inhabitants of Sejny Podlasie. During the performance, the couple did not deal with the last lift. Lenka Klimentova asked the jury to repeat it. This time it turned out to be perfect! Despite this, the pair scored only 24 points.

21:13 Kajra comes from Wałbrzych and here is where I took Rafał Maserak. – I come from a middle-class family background, and my parents had to work hard to educate my brother and I – The singer admitted. The plot is the favorite place of her mother, but also the place of her deceased father. – One day, my father came and sat on the bench and fell asleep. I was six months pregnant at the time Kagra said with tears in her eyes. – I didn’t expect you to dance in such a climate. I’m surprised Malitowski said. The juries loved the sensual rumba – so much so that the couple got the highest scores possible! They scored up to 40 points.

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21:07 Jurass achieved everything in his life by himself. He took his partner to the cage where he fights. – When I bought my first basketball shoes, I slept with them – The athlete admitted. – You danced it 30 times better than you ever did – Andrzej Piaseczny admitted. The pair got 29 points. It turned out that the Polish export tower sat in the audience – MMA champion Jan Błachowicz!

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20:59 It’s time to go to the Vistula! Azza Moais stated that her daughter recently got married. – I won another baby and that’s nice too said the participant. The jury did not like the dance, and the pair received only 22 points.

20:50 Kwidzyn is the birthplace of Siluya Bomba. – Remember mom, I told you I was fat and you said no, no, you’re just bone thick – She said the post to her mother. As the school bomb said – Not only was I a nerd person, but I was also an obesity geek. I rarely write again – I confessed. The house was a safe haven. However, the dance wasn’t the best. – More independence. If I asked you to dance alone, you wouldn’t be able to do it – Iona Pavlovic admitted. It was not a successful performance – they scored 27 points.

20:41 Pyotr Meroz and Hana Lodzevic went to Roseanne, the birthplace of the “Cops” star. – How many times did you have to hit your head against the wall… He remembers the actor who had to fight to be able to do his dream job. In the previous episode the couple was the best. How was it today? – To me, you are the best dancing man in this version – Michal Malitovsky admitted. They scored 35 points.

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20:32 After the break, the participants visited Gdynia, the hometown of Oluya Penyuk. – We’ll dance to my mom’s favorite song – I confessed. – After my mom left, we got so close She said, kissing her younger brother at the same time on the forehead. It turns out that after the death of Anna Przybylska, her grandmother took care of her. – They’re all laughing at me for being part of Olya’s second father Andrzej Piaseczny joked after the performance. The pair got 25 points.

20:17 The couple danced to David Kwiatkowski’s piece. To everyone’s surprise, the singer recorded a few words! – I hope to go back somewhere – I acknowledge. Kinga Sawczuk and Jakub Lipowski have received positive reviews. However, Michal Malitovsky decided to joke. Out… dry. The pair scored 33 points.

20:13 The first post that went to her family’s home was Kinga Suchuk. The couple went to Przasnysz. – It was different in school. Teachers didn’t understand why the videos were posted online Influencer detection.

20:10 In addition to the solo dance, this week we will also see the mambo prepared by all the participants. Couples will dance at the same time. – Just like in professional competitions – Krzysztof Ibisz added.

20:08 In the third episode of the program, the stars will invite us to their homes!

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