October 21, 2021

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Dancing with the Stars: Andrzej Grabowski is sick

Dancing with the Stars: Andrzej Grabowski is sick

Andrei Grabovsky, the juror of “Dancing with the Stars” concealed his health. Although the actor smiles at the sight, he suffers a lot outside the cameras. In 2010, he underwent major surgery and implanted an internal prosthesis.

A few years ago, the actor developed joint pain caused by being overweight. Then he decided to lose the extra weight and he did! He lost weight so much that there are rumors of illness. Grabowski himself referred to this speculation in an interview with Viva.

In the last episode of “Dancing with the Stars”, he admitted during the program that he underwent surgery on his thighs. “I can do a contemporary dance with fake thighs,” he said. The actor concealed this fact! It is a very painful and dangerous process, so we are glad we were able to recover so quickly!

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