September 23, 2021

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'Dancing with the Stars': Andrzej Piaseczny Oliwia Bieniuk recalls: 'I carried your mother's flowers for 12 years' (PHOTOS)

‘Dancing with the Stars’: Andrzej Piaseczny Oliwia Bieniuk recalls: ‘I carried your mother’s flowers for 12 years’ (PHOTOS)

On Monday, the 12th to 25th editions began “Dancing with the Stars”Where there are such “stars” as Dennis Urubko or influencer Saleh Old Boy from Wałbrzych. It also appeared for the first time on the trading floor Isabella Meyes, Area Adam.

They were the last and tenth couple to introduce themselves to the public Oliwia Bieniuk and Michał Bartkiewicz. The young influencer was introduced as a model, and in the film that aired before the dance, she announced that although she was still “looking for her own way,” she dreams of becoming an actress. In “Dancing with the Stars” the deceased is mentioned Anna Przybylska.

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Olivia, my baby, when I saw you for the last time I was lying in a pram. I carried flowers to your mother for 12 years In the movie and I feel like I’m wearing you Because you are so alikea – sum up Andrzej PiasecznyWhich, in “Złotopolskie”, picked up in Marylka Baka, played Anna Przybylska.


Of course, he was sitting in the audience Jaroslav Binyukwho admired his daughter. Isabella Janachuska reminded viewers that the producers of “Dancing with the Stars” had repeatedly tried to lure Anna Przybylska to the program, but she regularly refused, preferring to spend this time with her loved ones. Oleuka’s proud father revealed that the teenager had been dreaming of appearing on the show for a long time.

How do you think she will reach the final?