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“Dancing with the Stars”. Carolina Pisarek faces ‘Raw’ ratings: ‘Michai was swinging, and you thought you were swinging’

"Dancing with the Stars".  Carolina Pisarek faces 'Raw' ratings: 'Michai was swinging, and you thought you were swinging'

The topic of the fifth episode of the last season “Dancing with the Stars” I was The thirtieth anniversary of Polsat. The performances of the participants overlapped with the station’s cult programs and series.

As the first winner of the first version of “Idol” in singing rhythm, Elijah Januszthey danced Wieslaw Nowobilski with Ganga left.

Today I danced less confidently, something happened there. (…]Tango takes three: dancers and spectators. Even if you don’t win this program, you are loved by us – He sweetened the construction manager of “Our New Home” Michal Malitovsky.

For the tango that the jurors loved, Wiesiu received a total of 26 points.

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She performed her dances as the second Carolina Pisaryk. Sorry for the “harsh” verdicts of the jury “TzG” The star and her partner swung to the band’s song “Radio Hello.” Enej. The first comment on the performance of the Malitowski couple:

I personally think this was your best dance He said without going into details.

She was less favorable towards what Pasaryk offered Iona Pavlovic:

I wouldn’t be too happy about this dance… Micha was swinging, and you thought you were swinging… – She added by herself.

In the end, Roger’s wife disappeared 28 points

The third appeared on the ground Jacek Jellonic And the Michael Danielczuk. This time “Książę” had a chance to prove himself in focus, as he danced to the song he sang. Stefano Terrazino. The choreographer who won the third edition of “Your Face Looks Familiar” appeared on stage Mieczysław Fogg.

Precision needs some work, but I still love you – Michai praised the male duo.

As usual, gentlemen, the only question that bothers me is: Will there be a waltz?! asked excitedly Andrzej Piaseczny.

welcome men 31 points.

done by others Michao Mikowajchak And the Julia Sorio. The couple danced with a contemporary dance to a song from the series “Adam Ewa”, which was broadcast in 2000-2002.

In my opinion, you have your best dance yet Sand started. Black Mamba had an exceptionally similar opinion this time around:

Michel, Michel, Michel She started pointing out a mistake last week when she called her boyfriend Edita Zagic Mikowag added: I think this is your best dance.

After that, viewers can see the performance of the English waltz Ilona Krauzenska.

It was good from start to finish! – He admired the dance of the Malitovsky couple to the song “Titanic”.

The rest of the jurors had a similar opinion, so the duo won 35 points.

beauty and help her Jacek Jishk They danced a tango that enchanted the jury.

Best Tango in this edition! – said Michai.

This is the best tango I’ve ever seen – Added Kiepski series.

As a result, the Ukrainian singer won Maximum number of points.

He was the last to boast about the dance practiced in recent days Natalia Janushek And the Rafai Misrak. First, however, the material from the training was shown, during which the actress admitted the fact that He doesn’t have the best experiences with men, has trouble with intimacy while dancing:

Every time I opened up to men, I would mate. I find it hard to show feelings – I opened Natalka.

This is a closed person, very hidden … – said Rifai, who trained her.

However, the duo’s performance to the rhythm of “Always There Where You” stunned the judges.

You are a star, you are probably the only one on this show who is familiar with your body. (…]You’re beautifully set on the dance floor, you have excessive extensions, accents on all fours, perfect verticals… – Pavlovic complimented Yanushik at the end.

The best rumba in this edition! – Malitowski echoed his friend.

In the end, the duo got up 40 points

Then all the pairs appeared on the dance floor and were eliminated in succession by the jurors who were closely watching their dance. This time, the participants and their partners danced to the theme song from “The World According to the Kipsakis”. The jury decided that Wiesław and Janja got the fewest points, and Jacek and Michael the most.

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Who votes for Pisaric? I can’t believe he has so many fans. He can’t dance, and may even reach the semi-finals. In the final, I want to see Mr. Wiesia and Jacek Jelonek. Natalia Janosik has always been dancing, which is unfair to other participants. Ilona Krauzenska is facing so much pressure on the glass that if she could just eat the screen. Disgusting artificial figure. As for Jamala, she participated in TzG once. Which is unfair to the rest of the participants. In the final, I hope to see male participants.

The writer does not tolerate criticism well. Such instructions from the jurors are inappropriate. I don’t think they lowered her notes either.

Recent Comments (53)

Writers at TTBZ also lamented that they gave it low marks. Well the whole world is against it.

On all the shows they stuck with it, well…why do they always go for the pity?

Perhaps Pisarek and the director bought the votes, so does it make sense to record this program for so many years, and it hasn’t been great for so long?

Nobody votes for Bizark except her husband. Winning will continue.

Unfortunately, Carolina does not dance very well, but I personally like her and finally I want to see her with an interesting design.

the book. She’s not above average pretty, and they take her to be a model. She is not smart and has nothing to say, and a book has been released for her. She can’t sing, and they put her on a singing show. He cannot dance and performs in a dance program. What is this? Are the standards and requirements too low?

Sand asked after the gentlemen’s dance if there would be a waltz, yes, he asked about the waltz, Iona didn’t really understand what he meant, he tried to explain that he meant the dance, the waltz.

As for me, they should get to the finishing touches – Mr. Wiesiu (who is an amateur, not what the lady is from Ukraine and maybe Natalia) is also making great progress and maybe Jacek Jelonek


4 hours ago

do not watch! Unfortunately, Pisarek and her desperate media image are driving up viewership. The girl is, in my opinion, an uninterested person, this millionaire for her is like a blind hen to stay in the Polish business. I have the impression that after a moment the girl will regret that she went to those cameras – she is completely unsuitable for this. And I’m not just talking about dancing – it’s inappropriate for public life. It will end badly

I’ve been waiting a lot for Jacek and Michał’s romantic arrangement. They had the opportunity to force everyone to kneel, but it didn’t work. The choreography is generally very flat and conservative, like at the end, I begged them to fall into each other’s arms, and they just bowed. The piece was not needed as they danced separately, because it was better to see the shortcomings of Jacek’s dance. They don’t seem to feel the song at all, and neither do I. In general, it was boring, as if two walls were dancing. I can only praise Micah for not being shy about stepping into an ethereal role in this system, it was so good for him. Maybe they don’t feel good with each other to show deeper feelings between the two men and choreograph more daring

I texted Karolina 1O and it worked

Jamal is a real queen because no one deserves to win this show, I really wish that was the case

I am asking

4 hours ago

Who votes for Bizark? The dancer couldn’t juggle the dance because she was sick, so she spent most of her performance on the couch, except I remember her from the CCC ad and she couldn’t sing either, I ask. What are you doing there and what are you paying for????

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