October 19, 2021

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"Dancing with the Stars" is terribly remembered by Artur Barci¶ and Iwona Pavloviæ ratings.  "I felt like someone was spitting in my face"

“Dancing with the Stars” is terribly remembered by Artur Barci¶ and Iwona Pavloviæ ratings. “I felt like someone was spitting in my face”

Artur Parsis I decided to participate in “Dancing with the Stars” In 2010, when the program was still broadcast on the station the television. His partner was Paulina Bernat and although the artist was not black Horse of the 11th edition of the dance show It was the injury that decided his withdrawal from the program, not the audience’s votes.

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Artur Parsis does not have good memories of his participation in the dance show. ‘The grades were very unfair’

Unfortunately, as he admitted Parsis In an interview with Wirtualna Polska, he did not mention the best performances on the show. The artist noted that he did not expect the exercises to be too stressful and the jury too demanding.

I thought it would be an adventure, what a joke. It was hard work, seven hours a day. In addition to tremendous physical exertion, terrible tension and a lot of humiliation. I’m already used to someone telling me I’m hopeless and putting me three. Of course, it was also a lesson in humility for me. However, these judgments were sometimes very unfair.

Arthur Barcicio has left “Taniec z Gwiazdami” due to a traumatic injury

The actor has the worst memories of his last performance. Before the episode was taped, he knew he was seriously injured – he had a broken bone in his foot. Moments before the jig, the bone finally broke, and he felt excruciating pain throughout Barcis’ entire system. Unfortunately, although the jurors knew he was unwell, they didn’t give him a discount.

I had a blockage in place so I wouldn’t be in pain and could dance. Because I didn’t feel any pain, I ran down the stairs and hit those bones. I don’t know how you managed to perform. Especially since we were dancing the difficult rumba at the time. My tears flowed from the pain. Every time I took a step, I was standing on an iron nail. After the performance, I heard from Mrs. Iona Pavlovich, who learned of my injury, that she had not seen Rumba at my dance. I felt as if someone had spat in my face. And these are the types of humiliation that are not worth the money or this adventure – the actor admitted in an interview with Wirtualna Polska.

In the end, Barcis voluntarily left the program, thus saving Piotr Szwedes, who was to be removed from the program. “Dancing with the Stars”. The actress retreated Katarzina Skrzynik From telling details of his injury and he addedHe does not want to be a victim.

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