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“Dancing with the Stars”. The production made Oliwia Bieniuk a birthday surprise, but failed. The cake… will burn

"Dancing with the Stars".  The production made Oliwia Bieniuk a birthday surprise, but failed.  The cake... will burn

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Oliwia Bieniuk He will definitely not forget this year’s birthday celebrated on the dance floor “Dancing with the Stars”. Immediately after her first performance where I accompanied her Edita ZagicIt’s time for feedback from the jurors. At this point, the producers decided to remind viewers that the age of the participant in the show is 19 years old. Paulina Sekut- Jeżyna I brought her a cake, which caused her a lot of trouble.

Oluya Penyuk’s birthday on the dance floor at “Dancing with the Stars”. So burn!

The participants of the Polsat dance show celebrated the birthday of the youngest star of this edition since morning – Oliwia Bieniuk. on instagram”Dancing with the starsEven before the episode aired live, the semi-finals were taped and the host expresses his wishes for the birthday girl.

The 19-year-old expected her birthday celebration to end just by posting the video. Meanwhile, as soon as she left the dance floor, where she served the hot salsa, her eyes turned into a big bun. The daughter of Yaroslav Benyuk tried to put out the candles, but she did not give up. In the end the cake … began to burn!

Confused, Paulina Sekut-Jeżyna puts a birthday cake on the jury’s table.

Small campfire birthday, I tried to get out, laughing.

Dancing with the Stars - Oluya Pinyuk CakeDancing with the Stars – Oluya Pinyuk Cake oriental news

Fortunately, the “fire” was extinguished. member difference Unnoticed, he took the burning cake and saved the situation. However, the birthday boy did not avoid negative opinions about her dance. Iona Pavlovic She was adamant.

Unfortunately, your vacation has no bearing on our judgments, she said frankly.

However, the juror admitted that she wished the young man primacy before the program. We are joining them too!

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