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“Dancing with the Stars”. Trite statement by Jean Clement

"Dancing with the Stars".  Trite statement by Jean Clement

Peter Mroz I Hanna Ludziewicz And Magdalena Kagrowich I Rafai Misrak They danced well and were appreciated by the jury from the first episodes of the dance show. In the end, the first prize went to the well-known actor from “Cops”, who undoubtedly has a talent for dancing. During the finals there was a lot Jean ClementWho performed the role of a dancer in several editions. Resigned from participation in Poland “Dancing with the Stars” For juror position on TVN “I have talent!Clement was supporting Magdalena Kagrowich and Rafai Masrac. He decided to console his wife Slawomir Zapaa After losing in the final with a very strong statement… It was a pity that the cameras recorded everything.

How Clement comforts Magdalena Kagrowich after losing on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Use bad words

The live broadcast on the program’s Facebook program began immediately after the final. The cameras caught Jan Clement, who approached Magdalena Kagrowich and hugged her, then said surprising words. He did not pity the winners:

Dancer’s wife Lenka Klimentova, I noticed that the statement was immortalized. In the recording, we can see him pointing at the camera, and she only sums up her husband’s words with a short “Oh no!” It all starts with 1 minute 6 seconds of recording.

Photo: Facebook: “Dancing with the Stars”

Jean Clement consoles Kagra after losing in ‘Dancing with the Stars’

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

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Jean Clement ran on the stage of “Dancing with the Stars”. He confessed his love to his wife and received Edward Meszczak

Jean Clement had already mixed up on the show before. In the first episode of the twelfth edition after the dance Lenka Klimentowa and Radek LeszewskiHe unexpectedly ran to the dance floor and said, crying:

The dancer admitted that he loves and supports his wife very much, and that “Dancing with the Stars” will always have a special place in his heart.

Jan Clement, dancer from the Czech RepublicAnd multiple Polish champion, Which became known to a wider audience thanks to his performance in “Dancing with the Stars”. His famous partners were, among others: Natasza Urbańska, Edyta Górniak, Cleo, Monika Miller, Natalia Szroeder, Beata Tadla and Joanna Mazur. Win crystal balls against the last three stars.

Privately, he is also happily married for five years to Lenka Klimentova, the dancer “Dancing with the Stars!” recently appeared that Jan Clement leaves Polsat for TVN, where he was offered to be a juror in the show “Mam talent!” , which returns to the air.

Photo: Paweł Wrzecion / MW Media

Jean Clement

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