July 29, 2021

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Danuta Holecka has disappeared from TVP "Wiadomości".  The reason is trivial

Danuta Holecka has disappeared from TVP “Wiadomości”. The reason is trivial

Danota Holika Is considered the biggest starMessagesTVP. Given its recognition and identification through the information service of public television, it is It often appears in various memes created by internet users.

The journalist enjoys great popularity in the media. Not surprisingly, then, when he hasn’t appeared on screen during the last ten or so editions of the news service TVP, netizens have become extremely concerned about this fact..

Danuta Holecka has disappeared from TVP “Wiadomości”. The reason turned out to be trivial

The reason turned out to be trivial. TVP reported that Danota Holika… On vacation. The station’s journalists had to hear:

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The journalist also spoke of her “dramatic” absence on TVP. Danuta Holika in an interview withRealityI severed the public’s anxiety, and briefly acknowledged:

Danuta Holecka is said to resume running “Wiadomości” in mid-June.

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Danota Holika

Danuta Holecka from “Wiadomości” – who is he?

Danuta Holecka was born in 1968 in Lidzbark. She studied at the Warsaw School of Economics. After graduating in 1993, she began her career in television thanks to her winning the TVP Leading Competition. First, she hosted the morning and afternoon editions of “Wiadomości” for TVP1, and in 1997 she became the host of the main release of the service. She left the editorial office several times, and then returned again. Meanwhile, she played “Kurier” on TVP 3, and was also a presenter on TVP Info.

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Since 2016, Danuta Holecka has been running “Wiadomości” again, and on May 1, 2019 she became the chief editor of the news service.. It is appreciated by Jacek Korsky, President of Telewizja Polska, as well as politicians of law and justice, but many famous journalists – including. Hanna Liz The Krzysztof Mieszkowski – openly criticizes her work. Many viewers accuse her of manipulating and openly criticizing the opposition while praising the current strength in Poland..

Danuta Holecka herself confirms that she is interested in politics, and in 2007 in “TeleTygodnia” she confessed:

Particularly, Danuta Holecka is the wife of a well-known businessman she met while studying at the Warsaw School of Economics. She married him at the age of 23. They had twins: Stephan I Juliana. The family lives in a villa in the Mokotów district of Warsaw.

Photo: Unknown / MW Media

Danota Holika

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