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Danuta Holika has a new career path. Critically evaluated by Ma³gorzata Kidawa-B³oñska: a terrible thing

Danuta Holika has a new career path.  Critically evaluated by Ma³gorzata Kidawa-B³oñska: a terrible thing

Danuta Holica has been working on Polish TV since 1993She served as head of the “Wiadomości” service for two years. The journalist became the face of “good change”, and behind the scenes she is touted as a favorite of President Kaczynski. Because of these associations with the current authorities, Holecka has not been spoken warmly in opposition circles, and now these animosities are likely to fester.

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What rules do TVP journalists work by?

She hired Danuta Holecka as a juror. Netizens are angry

It turns out that Holecka participated as a juror in the competition of economic journalists named after her Władysław Grabski. The tournament is organized by the Polish National Bank, which will reward the authors of the best economic programs and publications for the 19th time.

The decision to become a judge in Holecka caused considerable controversy. Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska expressed her indignation on Twitter. The politician does not hide that she is disgusted with the NBP decision.

terrible thing. The reputation of the competition destroyed. The recipient looks at him with disgust – I wrote in a comment.

It was echoed by other netizens, who did not leave a thread about the contest organizer and Danuta Holika. he deserves it wormthat among the other members of the jury there were names such as Michał Karnowski or Krzysztof Skowroński, editors associated with TVP.

Drawn children. It would be a shame to win such a competition.

But “chapter”. The tides of “The Press” with Hoecka and her sister Karnowska in the lead.

Act instead of competing – we read under the post.

What do you think of the decision of the competition organizers? Do you believe this Danuta Holika Will he act as a juror?

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