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Dariush Obuzda’s health deteriorated. He accuses his wife and daughters

Dariush Obuzda's health deteriorated.  He accuses his wife and daughters

Joanna Obozda was not as famous as she is now. The actress was talked about in the context of the conflict with Sandra Kubica, with whom she argued about caring for the dog. Now it’s been raucous about her again, but not because of the movie or serial role, but thanks to Antek Królikowski’s marriage.

The couple got married in August, and the ceremony and wedding aroused great interest. After some time, Joanna admitted that she was unpleasantly surprised by the presence of curious paparazzi at the wedding.

Interestingly, on the most important day of her life, Joacia did not have her father, Dariush, who lives and manages a hotel in Madagascar.

The man began posting disturbing posts on Facebook, which were supposed to indicate his ill health. Opozda was mentioning on one of the social networks that his wife and daughters did not care about his fate …

Unfortunately, only people who are “friends” of Dariusz Opozda can access posts. Pudelek was able to find the contents of the disturbing entries.

Dariush’s worried friends in the comments began to write words of support, as well as to offer their help. Entries from Internet users show that the situation must be serious and that the pain that Father Obuzda is feeling is unbearable.

In turn, the website “Gasterzope Post” found the statements of the actress’s father to one of the websites. Dariush’s situation is really tragic…

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According to “Pudelek”, Dariush did not live in Poland for long. The man was about to separate from Joanna’s mother and engage with a new woman. The portal even called Antik Krulikovsky’s wife, but she did not want to reveal much

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