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Dariush Rikosh. Children’s book author posts shocking video

Dariush Rikosh.  Children's book author posts shocking video

  • Dariusz Rykosh, author of children’s books, posted a video on Facebook in which people claiming to be Ukrainians burn the Polish flag. The writer added that people who support Ukraine should not send him birthday wishes
  • The publishing house Tandem decided to end its cooperation with Rekosz. “We support and support Ukraine and the refugees,” they said.
  • In an interview with Onet Tandem, he adds: – As a private person, Mr. Rekosz can write whatever he wants, but this entry deprives him of being a children’s writer in our publishing house.
  • Earlier, Rekosz published skeptical posts regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Tandem publishing house did not intervene, arguing that it was a matter of the author’s private affairs
  • You can find more such texts on Onet homepage

On the Tandem Publishing House’s Facebook fan page, today’s statement appeared: “Wydawnictwo Tandem declares that he categorically cuts himself off and has absolutely no support for the political views advanced by Mr. Dariush Rikus. Today, all publishing projects undertaken by Mr. Rikos have been suspended.” Moreover: “We support Ukraine and the refugees financially as well. We support peace in the world.”

Dariusz Rekosz is a children’s and teen book author and culture illustrator who often organizes events and meetings for children. Today, he posted on his social media a shocking-looking recording of people linking Rekosz with adventure novels and the police. The writer posted a video with the caption: “Please kindly not be greeted with a birthday wish by people waving yellow and blue crayons on their profile… (…) I’m polish! PS. : Wondering what will become the center of attention now? [pisownia oryg. – przyp. red.]. In an earlier version of the post, Rekosz used the phrase “yellow-blue rag,” but later modified the post.

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There are four men in the poor quality video he uploaded. Two of them bear the flag of Ukraine and the red and black flag of OUN-B (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists – Banderites), the other two – Polish and Hungarian. Men claiming to be Ukrainian nationalists declare that if Poland or Hungary wants to seize Ukrainian lands, they will receive a definite answer. Two people burn the Polish and Hungarian flags after stepping on them before.


Enter Dariush Rikosh

Onet contacted Tandem Publishing House. – As an ordinary person, Mr. Rikosh can write whatever he wants, but this entry deprives him of being a children’s writer in our publishing house. We started a joint venture, but in this case it was frozen. We won’t shoot it – we hear.

I ask if the publishing house has contacted the author and whether they have made sure, for example, that there is no hacking attack and account takeover. I heard that although Rekosz is hard to come by now, Tandem has managed to do it. – This is his entry. Moreover, he is surprised by the reaction to what he has posted. That’s awful. I do not understand this. After all, he writes books for children and organizes events for them: field games, meetings in libraries – adds the representative of the Tandem publishing house.

A representative of the publishing house Tandem reported that it does not check what authors post on social media; Facebook users started reporting Rekosz’s post. I ask if the publishing house is upset by the author’s previous skeptical social media posts about the pandemic. – He’s always been skeptical, it’s his own affair. He doesn’t want to, let him not get vaccinated. We cannot censor everyone. I have a lot of tolerance. But this last statement was public – confirms Tandem.

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I also heard that the books of this publishing house are well checked before the premiere – especially those intended for the youngest viewers. The editorial office monitors it for the presence of swear words or … mention of alcohol and other stimulants. None of the listed items may be included in the content. And the editors will not fail to note the hateful remark or inappropriate comment.

Onet tried to talk to Dariush Rikosh, but the author did not respond to attempts to contact.

On his website you can read: “In the list of my good friends whom I can call at any time, there are a lot of famous actors, TV presenters, film and art producers, writers, creators, well-known theater artists, and even … Miss Bologna. ” Published by the author Celebrity ListWith whom to cooperate. It’s a great.

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