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Dark matter: Astronomers say a bubble of dark matter may be closer to Earth Science


Astronomers monitor the movement of the celestial body

According to Live Science, a “bubble” of dark matter may be hidden under our noses. According to astronomers at the Universities of Arizona and Harvard, this matter is suspected to be pulling a series of stars into the Great Magellanic Cloud, the dwarf galaxy closest to our Milky Way, but 200,000 light-years away. Terra

A The dark thing
Experts understand what constitutes the vast majority of the universe. Very elusive and practically unnoticeable, the dark matter means to search incredible distances from space by the best experts in the field of physics and astronomy. To date, however, basically nothing has been confirmed.

In one study the stars assume that there is a regular rhythm of a theory The Best Magellanic Cloud
It comes from the chance that he will be pulled by the “bubble” of dark matter.

As for the dark matter, scientists understand it like most people. No one has been able to prove it, but this existence is found in the continuous actions and movements of others. Celestial bodies
. The consensus is that it creates something close to 85% of the universe, stabilizing and “holding” a variety of objects at constant positions and cycles.

If the study of the two universities proves, the community Astronomy
This will pave the way for new and deeper observations to understand the mysterious dark matter.

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