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David Beckham’s creative mother gave Nicola Peltz an unusual wedding gift … (photo)

David Beckham's creative mother gave Nicola Peltz an unusual wedding gift ... (photo)

Last weekend belongs to Brooklyn Beckham And Nicoli Peltz. Since both the parents of the groom and the bride can boast of a huge fortune, the celebrity wedding was organized with a pomp that we have not experienced in American show business for a long time. The event was held in a $76 million mansion in Florida, and the space was 3.5 million dollars It lasted 3 days.

The fact that the powerful British clan and one of the richest families in Florida joined the ranks by spending a fortune on a royal wedding did not go unnoticed. The bride and groom and their families brought thunder against each other Spend a fortune during the war and the ongoing crisis in Ukraine to play for a handful of the elite.

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In the end, Nicholas and Brooklyn showed sympathy and asked the guests instead of giving them wedding gifts, Make a generous donation to our eastern neighbors. However, David Beckham’s mother, Sandra, did not fail to present a special gift to the new family member, which won the heart of the 27-year-old.

Senior came up with the idea of ​​asking a famous artist a question Adam Claridge About Personalize a pair of Nike Air Force 1 shoes, The one with her Brooklyn tattoos and some sublime sentences. Interestingly, the calligrapher was making one of the inscriptions – a prayer by hand – In the handwriting of Nicolas’s beloved grandmother Jennawho died two years ago. The artist presented “modified” shoes on his Instagram profile, collecting a sea of ​​​​compliments from Internet users.

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Wonderful. Really cute.

great idea – They wrote.

Check out David Beckham’s mother’s wedding gift to Nicola Peltz. Attractive?

Great idea whether with shoes or donations for a noble cause. They already have it all 😉

A very nice and thoughtful gift

David, this is beautiful

Great idea whether with shoes or donations for a noble cause. They already have it all 😉

Great idea whether with shoes or donations for a noble cause. They already have it all 😉

Recent Comments (47)

David is like wine, a handsome boy. Too bad my kids didn’t look like him

A gift from the heart, I would like to have it myself, but my grandmother “for me” feels the atmosphere and is very timely 🤩

It is their life, their marriage.. Do they have mourning or are they not supposed to organize weddings, because there is a war in another country? Somehow there are no such comments when somewhere in another country they kill children, women, old people – entire communities. It happens all the time, somewhere else…just pretend everyone is or be convenient…can’t be seen…there are a lot of wars on earth and no one makes comments about weddings because of that??? ?? !!!! What a hypocrite from the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopeless shoes as a wedding gift, in 20 years they will look great, show children …

People! Who writes these texts? The bull on the bull is a hurried bull. Shame!

Not very sophisticated for me. But awesome.

we will. Everyone has ideas.

I wonder if their guests will donate 3.5 billion USD to help Ukraine. Or are they party clippings for a few indifferent people. If I were a person of the British royal family, I wouldn’t go either. Imagine the people’s reaction if they transferred this money to help Ukraine and organize a more modest wedding.

I don’t understand how it can be indicated that they are organizing a wedding when the world is the way it is… There will always be a pandemic somewhere, war, hunger, etc. They made money, they didn’t steal or their parents paid … they might have given it earlier, but they didn’t flaunt it

Similar to Heka Windsora headdress for The Prince’s First Girl

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