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DDW: Antibiotics increase risk of old inflammatory bowel disease

DDW: Antibiotics increase risk of old inflammatory bowel disease

FRIDAY, May 13, 2022 (HealthDay News) — Antibiotic use, regardless of category, is associated with an increased risk of early enterocolitis (IBD), according to a study presented at Digestive Disease Week 2022, which took place May 21-24 in St. Diego.

Adam S. Fay, MD, of New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine in New York, and colleagues evaluated the effects of cumulative antibiotic use, the timing of their use, and the relationship between specific classes of antibiotics and early disease development. Onset of inflammatory bowel disease. 2.3 million people (ages 60 to 90) were analysed, followed by 2,000 to 2018.

The researchers found that any use of antibiotics was associated with an increased risk of IBD (morbidity). [IRR]1.64), with a positive dose response (one course of antibiotics: IRR, 1.27; two cycles: IRR, 1.54; three cycles: IRR, 1.66; four cycles: IRR, 1.96; five cycles: or more: IRR, 2.35). All classes of antibiotics are associated with the development of IBD, including those not used to treat gastrointestinal infections. The most dangerous were fluoroquinolones (IRR, 2.27), nitroimidazoles (IRR, 2.21) and macrolides (IRR, 1.74). Overall, the estimated scores were slightly higher for Crohn’s disease than for ulcerative colitis. The risk was highest in the first year or two after antibiotics, but the risk remained high for five years.

“Antibiotic monitoring is important, but avoiding antibiotics at all costs is not the right answer,” Fay said in a statement. If you’re not sure what you’re dealing with, I’d be wary. If patients have an obvious infection and need antibiotics, these findings should not prevent them.

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