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Deadly Horkacch Duel. Concert, Meltdown and Upcoming Tennis

Deadly Horkacch Duel.  Concert, Meltdown and Upcoming Tennis

Hubert Hurkacz (ATP 11.) reached the quarter-finals of the tournament in Antwerp a few days ago. The Pole does not stop and is already in Vienna, where the next ATP 500 event on the hard court begins. In 1/16 final Tennis player From Wroclaw he found Francis tiafu (ATP 17.). The masters have encountered each other four times so far. The balance of these clashes is equal. Hurkacz won twice, Tiafo twice.

Hubert Hurkacz Francis Tiafoe. Incredibly fierce fighting in Vienna

The match started with the Hubert Hurkacz website. Pole scored with confidence and after a few dozen seconds he was leading 1-0. Tiafoe did not remain in debt and also won his pass. However, he had to work even harder. Hurkacz pressed and was on the verge of collapse. In the end, the gem went to the Americans.

The daughter of the Polish hero chose which country she would represent. great talent

Our representative of the energy he entered should be commended Game. There were no losing balls for him. At times, Tiafoe struggled to keep up. Hurkacz quickly won the game on his website again. However, when overtaking his opponent, he made two minor mistakes, among other things, sending back in the car, and at the end of the match hitting the net. 2: 2.

Most importantly, the pole was serving with confidence. In the fifth inning, he did not give his opponent even a point. However, he did not succeed in smashing the American, who forced him to make a mistake with his powerful balls. Gema won when Hurkacz threw back at the car. The Wrocław native had to struggle to win another game with his own app. He even had a double fault in the service. However, in the end he did lead 4:3, but was clearly not satisfied with his game as he sat down to rest on the bench. He shook his head heavily.

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Later in the group Game It continued as it had been from the beginning. Tennis players win matches on their passing. The battle was very fierce. So much so that Tiafoe had to undress before the tenth match. The sweaty American took off his shirt and replaced it with a new one. This was clearly beneficial, because the pole forced him to put in a lot of effort. He was about to break a hair again. However, Tiafoe managed the 5:5 equation.

Hurkacz was much easier with the points when he was putting himself on the finish line. It’s hard to say he would dominate, but he probably got what he was due. There was a clear difference between the players. Tiafoe was nervous, and rolled his hands and head. Hurkacz moved on to the next balls with total and serious focus.

The tiebreak had to decide to win the set. Unfortunately, the American player started better, taking a 4-0 lead. Show cleverness, mistaken for Hurkacz with unorthodox moves, like a shortcut right behind the net. However, the pole chased after the opponent and got close to him at 4:5. After a while it was 6:6, and even 7:6 for our compatriot. Even Tiafoe was impressed with his game, who raised his thumb after losing the ball (Hurkacz hit near the finish line), showing how good it was. From that moment on, the game is played point by point. In the end, he was won a nerve test by the Pole who won in a ratio of 11:9 and took the lead in the match.

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The second group is undated. Tiafoe dominated the pole

The second match started better for Francis Tiafoe, who first went 1-0 up, then broke Hubert Hurkacz’s pass for the first time in the match. Again, however, he had to do his best not to give away his website. However, you have to return to the American that he played very well and bounced even “desperate” balls. After one of those actions, when Hurkacz sent a short cut into the net and Tiafoe miraculously knocked it out and still scored a point, the world’s 17th tennis player raised his hands as if he had just won the entire match. However, he took an important step to win the match, which already took third place, advancing 3-0. Unfortunately, Hurkacz began to let his nerves down. Cameras caught him throwing the ball in front of the boy’s nose as he ran to pick it up from the court.

It was the Americans’ moment. Everything came for him, but Hurkacz was not able to score. He lost his pass again and the score was already 0:4. However, he was able to return the favor to his opponent and after a while made a breakthrough, reducing the loss to 1: 4. Hurkacz followed the blow and won another match. However, it was a temporary boom that came too late. Tiafoe didn’t let his victory snatched from his hands and won the set 6:3.

A moment of rest, the hurcocks completely changed. In the end, the pole is better than Francis Tiafoe

A short break between sets worked well for Hubert Hurkacz. He entered the decisive party with great confidence. He sent two aces and did not give his opponent any chance of a successful fight in the first match. The third jewel also looked identical. The Pole did not give his opponent a single point again and topped 2:1. After nearly two hours of play, Hurkacz also managed to break Tiafoe’s serve for the first time and increased his lead to 3:1. The Pole is in an excellent position. He won again with his own pass and was already 4:. Our best tennis player did not dispel this advantage.

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Hubert Hurkacz finally won this game 6:3 and 2:1 throughout the match and advanced to the 1/8 Finals. There, his competitor will be Emile Rossovoori (ATP 43). On Tuesday, Finn beat Lorenzo Soni (48th place) 6:2, 6:3.

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