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Deathloop review – the spiritual heir of Bioshock

Deathloop review - the spiritual heir of Bioshock

  1. Attractive story and game world rich with secrets to discover;
  2. Thoughtful and brilliantly played characters of two main characters are instantly remembered;
  3. Logic puzzles that sometimes require a little merging;
  4. great freedom in achieving the goals of the mission;
  5. A satisfying meat fight with weapons and superpowers;
  6. Clever use of roguelike engineers?? Constant dying and starting over and losing equipment does not generate frustration;
  7. An interesting and surreal artistic style;
  8. Great soundtrack with music from the ’60s (and this song is at last!).


  1. A slightly disappointing ending to the whole story;
  2. Where opponents’ artificial intelligence is weak.

Perfect, addictive, atmospheric! Perfect, addictive, atmospheric! Perfect, addictive, atmospheric! The perfect addictive climate…?? Breaking the cycle of excitement for the new Arkane game is almost as hard as breaking the title of “The Ring of Death”. By the main character, Colt Fan. creators insulting Once again presents a great fantasy story with meat-like gameplay and a great atmosphere. And while there are many ideas and references already known, there is no mindless copying. Each item has been properly prepared to fit the game well Deathloop.

There are already a lot of associations. Remind the vertical designs of sites with buildings high on the rocks of the above insulting. There are roguelike elements with partial equipment loss and a different path to the goal, as well as metroidvania with gradual access to objects that have been visited many times. There is an exciting song in the style of James Bond movies, the atmosphere of the 60s and the feisty main character Julian, the game is a bit like a great FPS game from the old days ?? Nobody lives forever.

but for me Deathloop Turns out it’s above all spiritual heir بي. We have a similar futuristic style here, we have a secluded location where time has stopped, everyone around us wants to kill us and we wear masks that cover their faces. There is a hero who restores ammo and health thanks to the vending machines scattered along the road, and in addition to his arsenal of firearms, he has superpowers at his disposal. in the last ?? There is a great emphasis on getting acquainted with the plot, gradually discovering the secrets of the game world and the role of the hero in it. Through the opponent talking over the radio and found audio and documents. write paint bioshockJust in a slightly different style.

If I have to for what?? To complain, that’s just for himself The end of this story does not keep up with the rest of the plot. Not even that there was no imaginary bomb to explain the phrase ??????????????????????????????????????? With بي, because right??? plot twist?? in a Deathloopie There, it just happens at a different moment. Few of the creators do not understand that they chose this arrangement, because if everything was left to the final, along with the Easter eggs waiting there, then the effect would be equally exciting, especially with such an interesting plot.

Deathloop review - Pyoshock's spiritual heir - Illustration #2

The vertical sites on the rocks are somewhat related to Dishonored.

Explosive steam and a captivating story

Writing about the script Dithlopa It wouldn’t be possible without rubbing against spoilers, so I’ll just explain the basics. There is a chronological anomaly on Blackcrave Island, as a result of which its residents live the same day over and over again. It was treated as a kind of prescription for immortality. So-called visions: artists, scientists, and perverts fascinated by the vision of eternal life. Everything else is called immortals?? Who serve the dreamers?? However, they are still celebrating. They don’t hesitate to kill Colt as soon as they see him.

The main character, Colt Fan, decided to break the time loop regardless of the consequences. To this end, he must eliminate all dreamers in one cycle, and thus within 24 hours. How do I do it? Where do you find them? What are their weaknesses? This is not what it is Deathloop ?? On the gradual collection of information, in starting the same day with more knowledge. So we have to kill one mistake?? A few dreamers and repeat them later, because with the new day everyone wakes up as if nothing had happened. However, such duplicates make sense, because by eliminating Dreamers multiple times, you gain upgrades in special abilities.

Juliana’s character is featured in this murder series?? Main counter and ring safety head. Can’t you plan to kill her? It is she who suddenly appears at different times and begins the search for Colt. On the occasion of the game’s announcement, I pointed out how amazing the dialogues between these two characters were and how well the voice actors handled it, creating costumes that could be remembered for a long time. Their conversations are a feast of exciting jokes and responses, with just the right amount of chemistry, emotions, and a certain understanding of what they’re trying to achieve.

Feel like these two have known each other for a long time and have each other?? fertile past. They’re like characters from Quentin Tarantino’s best movies And while the curses fall off every now and then, listening to them is pure pleasure.

Juliana’s expressions actually do a little to the detriment of the rest of the dreamers, because none of them interact with the protagonist in a similar way. At first I thought it was the creators’ laziness, but given that they’re targets who keep doing the same thing at the same time and you can (and even have to) kill them multiple times, it probably makes sense. Unfortunately, because of that The action is more difficult to learn about their history and characters, who are as interesting as the two main characters. Everything is hidden in audio and documentation, so it takes some effort to get a better picture of the situation.

Deathloop review - Pyoshock's spiritual heir - Illustration 5

Exploring such a world is pure fun.

Juliana is only in conquest mode

Deathloop It also allows you to play as Juliana during short sessions to enter another player’s story campaign. This is a type of 1v1 duel with some progression mechanics. Playing as Jules, we use slightly different powers (such as NPC impersonation) and unlock new abilities and weapons to be more effective in engagements. You can also earn additional outfits for Colt this way.

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