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Deaths in Poland due to COVID-19. MZ provides new data. They are shocking

Deaths in Poland due to COVID-19.  MZ provides new data.  They are shocking

  1. The Ministry of Health reported on November 30 that 526 patients infected with COVID-19 had died – the largest number in this wave of the pandemic.

  2. The death toll who had not been vaccinated against COVID-19 was also reported for the first time. What does it show?

  3. More information can be found on Onet homepage

New data on deaths from COVID-19. More than 70 percent of the dead were not vaccinated

The Ministry of Health announced the death of 526 patients with COVID-19 on November 30. This is the largest number in the current wave of the epidemic. From the data provided by the ministry, we also know the number of people who lost their lives due to SARS-CoV-2 alone (150), and the number of people due to coexistence of COVID-19 with other diseases (376).

But on November 30, we learned a lot from the Health Ministry’s announcement. Namely, how many dead people have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and how many have not. The data is horrific. It turned out that of the 526 deceased patients, 386 were unvaccinated. It’s over 73 percent.

The ministry indicated that out of the 140 deceased who were vaccinated, 109 of them contracted comorbidities, and the average age is over 65 years.

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“This is a pandemic wave of unvaccinated people.”

It is not known whether the Ministry of Health will provide such detailed data on a permanent basis. However, the above information clearly shows the risks of people who are not immunized against COVID-19.

Recently, the head of the Polish Federation of Hospitals, Jaroslaw Fedorovsky, spoke about it: – Of the patients hospitalized due to COVID-19, almost unvaccinated people make up. – I acknowledge. Most of all, unvaccinated people also die. If a person has been vaccinated, he or she has severe comorbidities. So it is an epidemic wave of unvaccinated people, most of whom do not receive vaccination on demand – said the specialist.

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The answer to why vaccination against COVID-19 is necessary and worthwhile is clear: in this way, you can save your life and your health. Vaccines (all vaccines, not just against COVID-19) are designed to prevent severe disease, including death.

Let’s not forget that vaccines are not 100% effective, so it happens that you get sick after taking them. Whether and how we get through COVID-19 depends primarily on our immune system. Most of the time, symptoms are mild. More on this topic: A doctor explains why vaccinated people contracted COVID-19 and died.

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