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Debate on restricting the right to abortion in the United States. Employers provide assistance to employees

Debate on restricting the right to abortion in the United States.  Employers provide assistance to employees

President of the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday John Roberts confirmed the existence of the draft document, but, as he noted, the court has not yet made a final decision.

Although alone The leak was unexpectedThis shows the consequences of the long-running concerted action to severely restrict access to abortion in many Republican-controlled states.

Employer plans include abortion by employers

Many large companies with workers in states such as Texas and Oklahoma have announced their own efforts to maintain access to abortion. According to a Goodmaker Institute study, 26 states will ban abortion if the “sure or possible” Row ruling is overturned.

Employers like Citi, Apple, Yelp and Amazon have deliberately included abortion in an extended package of existing benefit plans so employees can reimburse travel expenses to health facilities not near their place of residence.

Other companies, such as Uber and Lyft, have pledged to support the transportation of persons seeking abortion sites, as well as to legally protect drivers from potential lawsuits.

Below is a list of the largest companies and their responses to controlling reproductive rights.


Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed concerns about Texas law banning abortion after finding the fetus’ heartbeat during a meeting with city officials in September. The company soon issued a note declaring the law “very strict.” The occupational health plan includes “those who travel outside the state when medical care is not available in their home state.”


Citi, which employs about 8.5 thousand people in Texas, told investors in a March report that it was “offering travel benefits from 2022 to facilitate access to appropriate services in response to changes in reproductive health regulations in some US states.”


On Monday, just hours before the Supreme Court’s draft ruling was leaked, Amazon told employees Insured hole up to 4,000. Dollars per year in travel expenses for life-threatening medical procedures, including abortion. This policy covers corporate and warehouse workers and their dependents enrolled in the company’s Premera or Adna health plans.

Sales force

Shortly after the Texas law was passed in September, the Salesforce told employees through its internal liaison system: “If you have concerns about reproductive health care in your state, the Salesforce will help relocate you and your immediate family.”


“Breaking the Roe v. Wade ruling will affect the human rights of millions of women who lose the freedom to make decisions about their own bodies,” Yelp said in a statement Tuesday. “Turning the clock on the progress women have made in the last 50 years will have an earthquake impact on our society and economy,” she added.

This is not a new Yelp policy, it is a new benefit

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