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Debt: An old man from Lublin has to part with 75 million zlotys

Debt: An old man from Lublin has to part with 75 million zlotys

According to data from BIG InfoMonitor Debtors Register and BIK credit information database The number of unreliable payers In the 65+ group it exceeded 383 thousand. people, and their arrears, which stopped growing in the second year of the epidemic, amounted to PLN 10.2 billion at the end of November.

Older people are still underrepresented among unreliable debtors than in society as a whole, although – as BIG InfoMonitor President Sławomir Grzelczak noted – the time of the pandemic “has hit them hard”.

Most of the elderly have Problems paying bills and paying installments for loans and credits In the counties: Śląskie, Mazowieckie, Dolnośląskie and Wielkopolskie. In Mazovia, the total arrears for people in the 65+ group amount to almost 2 billion PLN. Older people from this region also have the highest average arrears, which is approximately 36.6 thousand. PLN per person. In turn, the debt record belongs to an old man from the Lublin region, who has to repay it almost 75 million PLN – Follows from BIG InfoMonitor Debtors Register data.

– Grzelczak noted that older people often lived modestly before the pandemic and it was difficult for them to “win” from lockdowns or restrictions. He pointed out that under conditions of a heavy burden on the public health service, the expenses of treatment or preparation to support the family financially increase in a difficult period. – He added that due to the risk of injury, many people can stop earning extra money or lose such an opportunity.

In November 2020, the amount of arrears for the elderly increased by more than 1 billion PLN and approached 10.4 billion PLN, a year later, in November 2021, the arrears amounted to 10.23 billion PLN. The average figure is PLN 26,694 per person, which is PLN 123 less than the previous year. These amounts mainly include unpaid liabilities of banks and loan companies, as well as unpaid phone and media bills and rents.

According to BIG, since the beginning of the pandemic, i.e. as of March 2020, people over the age of 65 have turned out to be the only age group whose overdue liabilities have increased significantly. Currently, 5.7 percent have problems with just-in-time settlements. people 65+. It is only better in the younger generation aged 18-24, with 4.4% of people having problems paying bills and installments. – said Grzelchak. He added that people aged 45-54 years are the worst, as they cannot afford to repay obligations and current loans at 11.7%.

In the study conducted by BIG InfoMonitor, elderly people most often cited the causes of financial problems low returns (33 percent). Every fifth person complains about it Health problems generating high costs for treatment or rehabilitation; 17 percent offers unexpected expensesand 8 percent. On the random eventsWhich is not taken into account when planning the budget. In contrast, 6 percent. Of the respondents that the cause of their problems is Inability to pay the financial obligations incurred Because of an overly optimistic approach about the possibility of their regulation. The problem of 4 percent older people it Family Help Effect.

On the other hand, 1% indicated a lack of financial discipline, extravagance, or emotional shopping. People in this age group, which means that the proportion of people with problems among the elderly is “certainly lower” than among other age groups.

The quality control survey was conducted from 22 to 25 October 2021 on a sample of 1078 people, using the CAWI (computer assisted online interview) method among Poles over 18 years of age. Representation by: age, gender, and size of residence.

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