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Decades ago, they had worse leagues than Poland, and they jumped to a different level. Becca Bella’s competitor is the toughest

Decades ago, they had worse leagues than Poland, and they jumped to a different level.  Becca Bella's competitor is the toughest

It is the most successful team in Austria he will face Lycia Jedsk Thursday in Vienna (7 pm), a week later in Gdansk. on me polishing Fans, their closest competitor should make an impression. Or at least it should, how 32 team titles from the Austrian capital And not an accidental pseudonym – “Rekordmeister”.

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Flavio Paixao might have earned twice that amount, but he refused. “I have another goal.”

Fast – a regular visitor to the European Cups

in the past decade fast He played seven times in the group stage of the European Cups. In 2019, the club advanced to the 1/16 finals of the Europa League (they were eliminated from Inter). Last season, after the group stage of these matches, he was in 1/16 of the Conference League, where he had to acknowledge the superiority of Dutch Vitesse.

It’s been a tough season for Rapid. They had the same Legia syndrome, but to a slightly lesser degree. The team faced problems on three fronts, and a tight squad and Europa League clashes put Austria’s most successful team in the fall’s relegation group. The activists thanked coach Dietmar Kohbauer, who worked in Cuba for three years, for his work, and arrived at Ferdinand Feldhofer. The club managed to finish the season in the group championship, as it finished fifth and last to play in the European Cups. In this case, he had to play the playoffs to get promoted to LKE, but it turned out to be much better than WSG Tirol, winning both matches. In order to launch this year’s adventure with Europe, he came to Lycia.

A decade ago they were like Polish clubs. They became strong and jumped mercilessly

A few years ago a fifth in the league would do nothing for Rapid, but now the reality of Austrian football is even more beautiful. It is a country that, a little more than a decade ago, was in about the same ranking as Poland – they were ranked 22nd, in 2006-2009 in the European Cups, they got fewer points in the UEFA ranking than our teams. However, when Salzburg dominated their domestic backyard, fought for the Champions League and played in the Europa League, the Austrians were gaining points in the rankings, the authorities Leagues Think about how to settle that. Then the games were fixed. After the main part, relegation and championship groups were created and points were split so that other teams could chase the leader.

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Salzburg attracted the ears of others

Matches with the powerful Salzburg gave impetus to the leading Austrian team, which, thanks to the better league standings, also had an easier start in the cups. They started with the later stages of elimination, often ranked and gave the country a lot of points themselves.

In addition to Rapid, who is now 96th in the UEFA rankings, LASK Linz (47) also flashes. This is a team that did not play in Europe five years ago. The list of top clubs also includes Wolfsberger AC (123rd), and four other teams that have scored points in the past few years: Sturm, Austria, TSV Hartberg, Admira Wacker and SCR Altach. All of these clubs, also thanks to the national ranking, are ahead of the Polish teams playing in Europe this season.

The fact that Austria’s good standing in the rankings can be seen helps us in recent seasons. The national champion automatically enters the Champions League, and plays the runner-up in the playoffs of the most prestigious competition. The next three teams, including the cup winner, have a chance to appear in EL. European associations or confederations of congresses.

Behind the strongest league and league Presence of local teams in European Cups There are also increased internal requirements, evident for example in the tightening of infrastructure regulations for Bundesliga clubs. From 2025, clubs, even the minimum seat capacity in the league, will not be able to include moving stands, eagerly minuted by smaller clubs, for example behind goals.

Joy and hunger for the new Rapid Stadium

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In terms of infrastructure, Rapid jumped to a higher level in the field in 2016. At that time, it moved to the new 28,000-strong Allianz Stadium. Fans are concerned about the fact that the club is unable to take full advantage of its field advantage in matches. Rapid has won less than half of the matches played at the new stadium so far, while the numbers for the two previous stadiums are much higher. So it is worth noting that Lycia will not be afraid of the match in Vienna, the more local fans buy only half of the available seats.

Lewandowski in Barcelona trainingLewandowski’s leap to heaven? Cannes, Dolce Gabbana and Sitges. “different person”

Of course, Rapid is a tough competitor. According to the philosophy of sporting director Zoran Parisic and coach Wildhofer, their club wants to play offensive and aggressive football, and pupils and youth should be important figures. This can also be seen in the current Rapid Home launchers. 19-year-old Yusef Demir deserves attention. The young man often appears as a winger and is considered the golden child of local football. I got this “gold” BarcelonaBy loaning a player for half a season. Demir has not lifted Catalunya yet and returned to Vienna, but he still has plenty of time for everything, especially since he made his first-team debut last year.

strong fast guys

The biggest star and one of the top scorers of the previous season is 24-year-old Marco Grol, who represents Austria, who scored 16 goals and 10 assists for Rapid in all competitions. The Austrian plays on the left wing, and sometimes in the middle. There are also players with interesting pasts in the current squad, such as recently brought in striker Guido Burgstaller (now captain), who has played for Cardiff, Schalke and Nuremberg. Another striker, Nicholas Kuhn, has been pulled from Bayern’s reserve, as he came from Ajax’s Under-21 team. The experienced Kevin Wimmer plays in the center of defence, which Spurs once gave him 18 million. There is also 21-year-old Emmanuel Ayew, who grew up the local club, who has made his way through all Austrian youth teams from the age of 18 and is today an important figure for the under-21 team.

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Rapid currently has dozens of players who play in Austria’s youth national teams. This is the best result in the Austrian league. Looking at these numbers, you can clearly see the path that Barisic took. The current sporting director is a special figure for the club. Baric was a former footballer, and he remembers the good times of Rapid in European stadiums, because he played for this club in the Cup Winners’ Cup final. Having finished his football career, he was in Rapida, incl. Assistant coach and coach in the club’s academy, the reserve team and even the first coach. Barisi dreams of the mighty Rapida ship again. And with a methodically increasing budget, he is not alone in these dreams.

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