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Demolished in the confrontation between Italy and France in the League of Nations semi-finals. The owners of the land

Demolished in the confrontation between Italy and France in the League of Nations semi-finals.  The owners of the land

Before the longest sliver of the first set of the second semi-finals League of Nations volleyball team Nothing foreshadows this course of the meeting. The Italians are in the lead 20:18. Since then, their game has completely broken down. They lost five points in a row. A moment later, the French used the second the ball Designation.

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Earvin Ngapeth demonstrated the tragic conditions in which French volleyball players train and live before the VNL final in Bologna. Is it the same for the Poles?

The stars watched the embarrassment of the Poles. This is not worthy of world champions. Grbit calls for nothing

Italians without a chance against the French

In the second match, the Olympic champions played great again at the end of the game. From 19:17 they scored six points and lost only three.

In the third group the French showed their full strength. A few minutes later, they were driving 7:2 and 11:4. The Italians could no longer stand. The winners have won this match Eleven points after aces, only two contenders.

The French are in the final periodicals Nations will face the Americans. Sunday’s game at 21. Both teams have a chance to get their first win in this competition. In the bronze medal match, the Italians will play the Poles (18:00). Broadcast both meetings on Polsat sports. Live coverage of the White-Red match on

Poland lost to the United States 0:3 in the Nations League semi-finalsPolish volleyball players surrender. It wasn’t that bad in 204 games. “Very annoying”

France-Italy 3-0 (25:22, 25:20, 25:15)

France: Brizard 3, Patry 16, Le Goff 5, Chinnyeze 8, Clevenot 15, Ngapeth 15, Grebennikov (Libero) and Jouffroy.

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Italia: Giannelli, Romano 6, Galassi 6, Rosso 3, Micheletto 10, Lavia 6, Palazzo (Libero) and Zaitsev 6, Anzani 1, Spertoli, Potolo.

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