October 18, 2021

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Denmark drops Jansen vaccine after AstraZeneca – Epocha negesios

Vaccine from Johnson & Johnson Belgian Laboratory (US: Johnson)

After dropping AstraZeneca’s anti-Govt vaccine, the Danish government announced on Monday (3) that it was not going to use Johnson’s formula in its campaign against the new corona virus.

This makes it the first member of the European Union to officially abandon the vaccine at the Belgian laboratory owned by Johnson & Johnson.

In a statement, the Danish Health Commission concluded that “the benefits of using Johnson & Johnson’s Govt-19 vaccine do not outweigh the potential risk of adverse effects”, but make it clear that this is the reason for the choice to control the epidemic in the country.

“As the epidemic in Denmark is currently under control and is progressing satisfactorily with other vaccines available, the Danish Health Commission has decided to continue the national immunization campaign without the Johnson & Johnson vaccine,” the agency said.

That is, the country will no longer use only the formulas of Pfizer and Moderna, the other two of which are already recognized in the EU. “In the midst of an epidemic, this was a difficult decision, especially as we had to stop the use of the astrogenic vaccine. However, given the current situation in Denmark, efforts to prevent the serious occurrence of Govt-19 are not worth the risk of side effects in the form of severe blood clots,” says Helen Probst. .

The Danish Health Commission acknowledged that the decision would slow the immunization campaign against the new corona virus, especially for those aged 20 to 39, which should be delayed by up to four weeks, but has not ruled out using the J&J formula again.

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“Johnson & Johnson did not rule out that the decision to continue the campaign without the vaccine could be used later. New information may emerge, or the situation in Denmark may change, for example, the availability of other vaccines for stress control, infection control,” the company insists.

Thrombosis – Severe cases of thrombosis were found in people newly vaccinated with J&J product in the United States, which stopped using the vaccine for about 10 days in April.

In all, 15 cases of thrombosis in the United States have been reported until the suspension – which has already been canceled – were all among women, three of whom died. The data indicate that of the nearly 7 million people who have been vaccinated so far, 3.9 million are women.

That is, severe cases of thrombosis account for 0.0004% of the female population vaccinated with this vaccine in the United States, while the mortality rate is 0.00008%. In comparison, the mortality rate (total infection-related deaths) of covit-19 in the United States is 1.8%.

U.S. and EU health officials have recommended the inclusion of rare and abnormal blood clotting cases as side effects of the vaccine, but have not imposed any restrictions on its use.

With a population of 5.8 million, there are nearly 255 thousand cases of Govt-19 in Denmark and about 2.5 thousand deaths since the onset of the epidemic, but last Sunday (2) it recorded only 867 new infections and one death.

In addition, 23.3% of its population is already at least partially vaccinated against the new corona virus.

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