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Denmark will get bigger. Its area will extend to a new maritime territory | News from the world

Denmark will get bigger.  Its area will extend to a new maritime territory |  News from the world

The Danish Parliament has supported demarcation agreements with Iceland and Norway for the region north of the Faroe Islands. “Together with our colleagues from the Faroe Islands, Norway and Iceland, we negotiated the maritime borders between three countries in a peaceful manner” – said the President MSZ My pocket cofood in an official announcement. As a result, the ministry said, Denmark would gain a marine area equal to the size of Gotland.

The agreements extend the borders of the Kingdom to the north of the Faroe Islands, about. Kilometers Square – which corresponds to more than half of Denmark, “as stated in the statement.” In an era of growing interests of powers (in the Arctic), we are proud that the Nordic countries are setting an example of how difficult issues like border divisions can be resolved through diplomacy.

The negotiations lasted four years

As confirmed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the coastal state in question acquires exclusive and sovereign rights over the natural resources of the seabed, including oil, gas and other minerals, as well as some organisms such as crabs and shellfish.

Negotiations over the maritime boundary route in the Norwegian Sea began in 2017.

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