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Deputy Minister Dariusz Piontkovsky’s visit to Iceland – Summary – Ministry of Education and Science

Deputy Minister Dariusz Piontkovsky's visit to Iceland - Summary - Ministry of Education and Science

Deputy Minister Daryusz Piontkovsky’s visit to Iceland – summary


Support and development of education in the Polish language were the two main themes of Deputy Minister Dariusz Piontkowski’s visit to Iceland (June 3-5 this year). Providing the possibility to learn the Polish language is one of the priority activities of the Ministry of Education and Science.

The inauguration of the Polish school at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Reykjavik, based in Keflavik

In March 2020, in the presence of the Presidents of Poland and Iceland, Andrzej Duda and Godny Th. Johansson, Minister of National Education Dariusz Piontkovsky and Minister of Education, Science and Culture Lilia D. The agreement allowed MEiN to establish a Polish school in John Paul II at the Polish Embassy in Reykjavik. On September 1 this year. The Polish School at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Reykjavik based in Keflavik, which is currently part of the School in Reykjavik, will start its activity.

Deputy Minister Dariusz Piontkowski emphasized that the establishment of the institutions is a response to the needs of the Polish community in Iceland and provides an opportunity to learn the Polish language and grow up in the Polish spirit. At the same time, he noted the important role of both institutions in Polish societies.

Meet the school community in Selfoss

Thanks to the actions of the Polish authorities, the teaching of the Polish language is organized in many areas in schools in the Icelandic education system. One of them is the Sylvus School. While visiting the facility, Deputy Minister Daryusz Piontkowski met with the Polish diaspora, the educational community and city authorities. They were particularly distinguished for the development of Polish education in this region, and were awarded medals by the National Education Commission.

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Conversations with the Icelandic Deputy Minister of Education and Children

During the meeting with the Deputy Minister of Education and Children, Deputy Minister Dariusz Piontkowski thanked the Icelandic central and local authorities for supporting the teaching of Polish as a mother tongue in schools in the Icelandic education system. He emphasized good cooperation with the authorities responsible for education in Iceland, where about 3.5 thousand people live. Polish children and adolescents.

Knowing both Polish and Icelandic allows Polish children who grew up in Iceland to do well in both societies. Educating bilingual youth has great potential for our bilateral relationship. People who master both languages ​​well in the future will be able to build bridges between our societies by taking on jobs, for example in business, services or culture.

Cooperation in the field of culture

Icelandic language and culture classes are held at Jagiellonian University. The Polish authorities aim to establish a Faculty of Polish Studies at the University of Iceland. About this, Deputy Minister Dariusz Piontkovsky spoke with the President of the University of Iceland.

Meeting at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland – talks about the challenges of teaching the Polish language

During his visit to Iceland, Deputy Minister Dariusz Piontkowski met at the Polish Embassy with teachers who teach the Polish language in schools in the Polish diaspora, schools in the Icelandic education system, and in Polish schools. They talked about the denominations of Polish language education in Iceland, the prospects for their development and the possibility of supporting the Ministry of Education and Science in the field of equipping schools with textbooks, professional development of teachers and cooperation with schools in Poland.

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