May 12, 2021

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Derek Sue refuses to testify at George Floyd’s inquest National newspaper

The case of a former U.S. police officer accused of killing George Floyd will enter its final stages after he refused to testify in the case.

For the first time, the court heard Derek Chou’s voice. He said, “I demand my right not to speak.” According to the protocol, the jurors were not, but were contacted.

The former police officer will respond to three charges, the most serious of which is manslaughter with no intent to commit murder.

During the trial, prosecutors called 38 witnesses. Pedestrians described the despair of seeing Suu Kyi kneel on Floyd’s neck.

Doctors said law enforcement officers gestured against the training they received and that the former police officer’s actions were responsible for Floyd’s death.

Security took seven people to testify. They tried to convince the judges that Derek Chowdhury had acted properly, that the use of force was justified, and that George Floyd had died of heart problems aggravated by drug use.

On Monday (19), the defense and prosecution will present their final arguments. Then, the judges will meet behind closed doors to determine whether Suu Kyi is guilty or innocent of each charge.

The former police officer who killed Donte Wright on Sunday (11), a few kilometers away on Thursday (15), attended the first investigation.

Kim Potter was charged with negligence and taking a 20-year-old conscious risk of death.

He was arrested Wednesday (14) and released after paying more than $ 500,000 in bonds.

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